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$400,000 to put diamonds on your car: I'm showy, I'm profitable

Secretly pleased!

By Elora HaysPublished about a year ago 10 min read

Find a great marketing idea

Xie Yan was born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province in January 1985. In the summer of 2008, Xie Yan, who graduated from university, gave up ordinary job hunting and rented a shop in a Wenzhou shopping mall specializing in men's clothing. Xie Yan's cleverness and diligence, the dress shop that lets her painstakingly manage had improvement very quickly, income begins to rise steadily. In October 2009, Xie bought a compact car with the income from his clothing shop.

But very quickly, Xie Yan had a new idea to his entrepreneurial direction. It turns out that as more and more people enter the apparel industry, the competitive pressure in this industry is increasing, and the profit is getting thinner and thinner. Should we continue to fight in this industry, or should we find a new direction before the crisis hits? This is the question that Xie Yan is thinking about all the time.

During the Spring Festival of 2010, Xie Yan attended a classmate reunion, and this party let Xie Yan eye-opening, many students are driving to the car, but the most eye-catching is not what car, but a car shape pattern is a flying eagle car. The owner of the car is Xie Yan junior high school a male classmate, just returned from studying abroad, see everyone to their cool appearance of the car envy unceasingly, he excitedly told everyone: "Now in foreign countries, people are more and more pursuit of individuality, on the road a car is simply a flow of watercolor paintings." China is now entering the fast lane of car power, owning a car has become a common thing, but how can you show your personality in the flood of cars? The more we talked, the more excited Xie Yan was sensitive to find that not only male students, even a lot of female students are also interested in this.

At this time, Xie Yan suddenly brain move: yes, why don't I open a car jewelry shop! Make a unique car for everyone.

After the party, Xie Yan immediately began to investigate the car accessories market. Soon, she was pleasantly surprised to find that it was indeed an accessible industry: automotive decoration had a large profit margin and a short return period on investment. The only problem is, it takes at least a million dollars to get in. Xie Yan calculated that he could raise some money if he sold out the clothing store he was running, but he still had a long way to go to reach his goal of one million dollars. When Xie Yan is distressed, the classmate who just came back from abroad is informed of her this idea, agrees with him very much and expresses his willingness to partner with her.

Such, Xie Yan one foot entered the car to act the role of industry, began a new venture journey.

Although Xie Yan is a layman in the auto shop business, she knows very well that brand and quality are the most competitive factors in any industry. Therefore, she first chose a good location, business district environment, reasonable store structure of the store. Then, in many automobile decoration service brands, a careful investigation and selection, and finally choose a product material exquisite, excellent quality, high reputation of the good brand.

In mid-May, after careful preparation, Xie Yan's car decoration shop finally opened.

As soon as the shop opened, Xie Yan's classmates and friends all came to support it. The business was very prosperous for a while. Xie Yan was very happy, feel their choice is correct, the original worry and worry are all thrown to the sky. However, the good times do not last long, did not have long, the car acts the role of the business of the shop slowly quiet down, Xie Yan is very depressed, do not know where the problem goes.

After a period of observation, Xie Yan found the problem, since the opening of their own car decoration shop are mostly acquaintances in support, in fact, they did not develop their own market.

Why can't your own car shop attract customers? After many analyses, Xie Yan found the reason. Originally, he chose the location of the shop in the residential area of the new city. Although it is also a bustling area, the surrounding area is mainly for shopping and leisure. Many people do not know that this is a car decoration shop, even if they know this shop, because of the lack of visibility and no one to buy. It seems that the wine is also afraid of deep alley, not Shouting, not promotion, not publicity, business is difficult to thrive.

One day in June 2010, Xie Yan was browsing the website when she suddenly saw a Japanese sports car studded with diamonds on the Internet. The car was so gorgeous that she couldn't help but say, "Oh my God! This is my favorite car. It's so beautiful to have diamonds in it." Cardiac, Xie Yan had an idea, hit his car idea: "If your car is also inlaying diamonds, it is equal to the car decoration shop advertising, publicity, certainly can receive unexpected effect." Thinking of these, Xie Yan was so excited that he didn't sleep all night...

$400,000 to decorate a car,

It's crazy to put a drill on a car

"Diamond-encrusted cars, that's incredible!" Upon learning of Xie Yan's idea, his father's first reaction was to express opposition, and the partner also expressed concern: "Is this exaggerated propaganda effective?"

"There are more and more girls who own cars," Xie Yan said. "Girls are naturally beautiful and will certainly be interested in it, and girls are the most willing to spend money to decorate their favorite things." Xie Yan finally convinced everyone, but money? It cost nearly a million dollars to open this car shop, and the shop has no profit. How can you afford to insert diamonds into cars? Xie Yan gritted his teeth and said: "I will think of a way!"

In order to raise money to the car inlay diamond, Xie Yan did not listen to others' sarcasm and refusal, but she is a more and more frustration more and more brave girl, the Wenzhou heat in June, she is still in the outside for this matter. Seeing her daughter so hard, the parents were heartbroken, took out their savings and handed over to her, and the partner also sent a sum of money. Looking at the heavy notes, Xie Yan understood that these were not just money, but the love of his parents and the trust of his partners.

In mid-June, Xie Yan contacted the car decoration headquarters and told them his idea. Everyone was amazed that she was so creative and fashionable and approved of her bold decision to promote her concept of car accessories. Before long, the headquarters sent people to understand the overall structure and area of Xie Yan's car, and according to Xie Yan's idea to design a good map, and then sent five employees began to take over this complex and arduous project.

After a few months of hard work, in the middle of September, Xie Yan's car has been shining silver, completely can not see the car's original black body, because the body is all densely covered with small crystal diamond. The crystal diamonds shine brightly, especially in the sun. By this time, the car was not just a car, but an amazing work of art. The whole car used a total of 283,960 crystal diamonds, costing more than 400,000 yuan.

This car is full of crystal diamonds, gorgeous and dazzling in the shining luster, a strong refit lineup to attract a lot of car friends to visit, more numerous tourists stop Xie Yan's car decoration shop to watch, let a person feel luxury at the same time there are also a bit of reverence for the noble. See everyone so appreciate their decorated car, Xie Yan was very happy, she felt closer and closer to her goal.

Pull breeze!

The road to riches with a drill car looks promising

On the night of September 16, Xie Yan drove the car into the street for the first time. Under the light of neon lights, the car was shining all over, and almost all the pedestrians in the street turned their heads and stopped to watch. Xie Yan carefully drove around the city center, suddenly, a few cars flew with her. Xie Yan frightened liushenwuzhu she drove the car to look for a place to stop, back after more than her car, a red car desperately waving, a sign for parking, Xie Yan to drive faster, but also very worried, one thousand where is the car accidentally collision, that'll be up shit creek, general car touch-up, her car is not only to fill paint to drill.

At this time, a car passed her, less than ten meters away from her car suddenly stopped, the owner laughed and stopped the car while saying: "Girl, your car is so beautiful, we want to take a picture with your car, OK?" So that's it! Xie Yan then put down the stone in his heart and breathed a sigh of relief. Then, there are a number of motorists have stopped, took out the phone to take pictures.

Seeing more and more people pay attention to Xie Yan's car, the partner also smiled and said to her, "Xie Yan, what a surprise! Now your car is even more cool than a Porsche!"

In Xie Yan conscious propaganda, soon, there are a lot of people came to her car decoration shop, some to see the curious, some is to find her decorate their car.

When Xie Yan is happy for his success unceasingly, all sorts of trouble also followed.

One day, Xie Yan on the road when driving, a traffic police stopped her car: original: according to "traffic law" regulation, legal modification of vehicles, must be in the safety of the big premise, can not affect the line of sight driving. Those who paint, paste signs or advertise on the body of motor vehicles that affect safe driving will be warned or fined up to 200 yuan, the regulation said. According to the Motor Vehicle Registration Regulations, if the owner changes the color of the body, changes the engine, changes the body or the frame, he can directly register the change with the vehicle management office within 10 days after the change. Apparently Xie Yan had not yet gone to the DMV to re-register the relevant changes. After this punishment, Xie Yan rushed to the DMV to take a new photo and apply for a new driving permit.

On September 20, XIE YAN WENT TO THE DEPARTMENT STORE TO BUY THINGS, found SOMEONE around her car IN THE DIG crystal drill, still say: "RICH, YOU can not LOW-KEY A BIT?" After Xie Yan angrily stopped their behavior, he began to worry, he only wanted to promote his own car decoration shop, never thought to show off his wealth! Later, AFTER SOMEONE WILL XIE YAN'S diamond CAR STREET IS PATTED, UPLOAD THE PICTURE TO THE NET, it is to provoke crowd discussion. To this, Xie Yan wronged unceasingly, but do not know who should tell. At this time, Xie Yan's parents gave her the greatest support: "Child, do not be afraid, rumors stop with wise men." Parents' understanding and love, let Xie Yan reconfirmed his entrepreneurial confidence.

Sure enough, as my parents said, after the rumors slowly dissipated, Xie Yan's car decoration shop became famous because of the car, and more and more people came to the car decoration shop to buy accessories or ask for car decoration. One day, a dress fashionable girl went to the shop, she asked Xie Yan will her car also stick drill, and stick different color crystal drill...... "I want a different car," she says bluntly. "I want my own personality."

Today, the business of Xie Yan's car decoration shop is getting better day by day. We believe that a better tomorrow awaits this wise girl!


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