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Or a brain like a sieve

By Margaret BrennanPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
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Or a brain like a sieve

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I did it again. You should see my desk; well, actually, you can’t! It’s hidden beneath many stacks of papers that I need to sort through, toss out, file, answer, or whatever else they might require in order for me to find a place to write upon.

Hmm! Okay, I see my civic association’s new member directory. That’s easy. I can place that atop my file cabinet with the other yearly directories. But, in a minute. I need to look up the email of a woman who I told I’d send a recipe. I would have sworn I had her email. Guess not! Hold on, let me look before I toss the book aside.

Okay, found it. Now, I’ll leave myself a note to email the recipe. Okay, note written and taped to my printer where I won’t lose it. (I hope.)

Didn’t realize it was lunch time. This morning, I paid some bills before I went to my Zumba class. Once home, I tidied the living room but forgot to make my coffee. I’ll do that now. Wait, I’ll have juice with my lunch.

I just sat down at my computer after putting a load of dirty clothes in my washer. Where the heck did I put my lemonade? Oh, I forgot to pour it. I’ll do that now while I make the lunch I was too distracted to prepare.

Where was I? Oh yeah, trying to write as I clean or maybe it should be the other way around?

Have to stop for a minute. The pharmacy is calling.

That was a fast call. They just want to know if I’m ready to renew my diabetic med. “Of course,” I tell them.

Oh, I just found the paper from the doctor’s office with my husband’s new appointments. I need to place that on the calendar, so I won’t forget to write them down. In a few minutes, I’ll update the calendar with all the upcoming appointments for the next two months. Right now, I don’t even know where all those papers and little cards are. They ARE on my desk somewhere between the book I’m reading, the ones I just received from Ebay, the mail from the past three days that needs sorting, and the recipes I promised to snail-mail to my cousin.

Wow, I need a secretary! Either that or stop doing as much as I do but I know that’ll never happen.

Oh, crap! One thing I really, and I mean REALLY need to do today is change my keyboard. The one I’m using has a few keys that stick. I have the new keyboard but lacked the time to trace the wire from the one that’s already connected so I can disconnect it and plug in the new one. I guess I can do that once I’m done typing. Okay, that’s a plan.

What was I saying?

Oh, yeah, the thing about a secretary. Wait, hubby is calling. He’s not feeling well and currently is on bed rest.

He’s okay, just needed his breathing meds which he forgot to place beside the bed after he made a bathroom visit.

Okay, he’s settled and using his nebulizer. He’s good. Now back to ... what? Hmm, where was I?

I need to label the two books I just received in the mail. They’re part of a series I’m currently reading and when I’m able to get them, I number them so I can read them in order. Hold on a minute. My oven just beeped.

Just popped my lunch in for a quick heating. I could have used the microwave, but the oven gives me more time to do other things. Like – Oh … there are those two appointment cards! Okay, they’re now on top of my calendar for future noting. Yea! I moved them and found two recipes that I’m supposed to mail.

OMG! I have a boxload of papers to shred. Later! At least they’re all in one box.

Son of a gun! I just found my dental insurance cards. I wondered where they were. They’re going right in my wallet. Hold on sec.

Holy cow! I just found a packet of sunflower seeds I planned to put in the ground in April. Hmm, now where will I put them, so they don’t get lost again? Ah! They’re going in the kitchen near my coffee canister where they might look out of place but won’t get lost for the next two months.

Why in the world would I put three blank folders on my desk . . oh right! My boss (I work privately as a home health care aide) asked if I had about three empty folders I no longer needed and I agreed to give them to him. And then, completely forgot! Tomorrow’s another day. I’d better put them with my purse, or I’ll forget them again.

I found my note reminding me to make an appointment for my husband’s follow up regarding the x-rays of his foot. We had to cancel the last one since he’d been in the hospital due to another condition. I know he’s very capable of making his own phone calls, but he’d forget to tell me about them and wouldn’t write them down. I’m better off making the appointments for him.

What was my topic for this story again?

Oh yeah, a bucket full of holes.

That’s exactly how my brain feels after a week of work (I tend to a patient who has severe Alzheimer's), then coming home and doing whatever is necessary around here, plus trying to find a bit of time for myself (exercise, writing, reading, or trying to fit in a lunch date with my friends).

I’m not really forgetful, I just have so many irons in my fire that they’ve created a few hotspots in the bucket I call my brain and those hotspots melted creating a few holes from which my thoughts, ideas, and mental lists of things to do often seep out.

While the song has nothing to do with what I’m going through, the title “My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It” sure seems to fit.


About the Creator

Margaret Brennan

I am a 76 year old grandmother who loves to write, fish, and grab my camera to capture the beautiful scenery I see around me.

My husband and I found our paradise in Punta Gorda Florida where the weather always keeps us guessing.

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  • Shirley Belk2 months ago

    Oh, Margaret, I so love your humor!!!

  • My brain felt scattered reading this lol great story

  • Babs Iverson2 months ago

    Fun and entertaining read!!! Fabulously written!!!💕♥️♥️

  • Andrea Corwin 2 months ago

    ❤️Super story! Wow, my head is spinning following your activity, but I can definitely relate to all that you laid out here! I have said for years that I need a secretary, an assistant, someone...oh, yeah, try a wireless keyboard.😀

  • Amusing, well written story… have you been shadowing me?🤣

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