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"How can I make myself feel happy every day?"

"If one day I must die, please let me die happy."

By BobPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

1.To teach AI about finance, I set a task for it to manage my investment portfolio. As a result, the AI turned to me and said, "I have a great idea - let's put all our money into the development of AI technology!" I hesitated for a moment, then replied, "Alright, then you are my AI investment advisor."

2.The reason why the SEC sued Binance was because they found a cryptocurrency called "SECcoin" on Binance's exchange. The SEC felt that their name was being infringed upon, so they sued Binance.

3.President Biden walked into a frozen food store and saw a pizza in the freezer with a label that read "Suitable for President Biden to eat". Curious, he asked the store employee, "What does this label mean?" The employee replied, "It's because this pizza doesn't require chewing. You just need to heat it up in the microwave and swallow it."

4.It is said that the tension between Russia and Ukraine reached its peak and both parties wanted to ease the tension through a football match. However, after only five minutes of play, all players fell to the ground and started rolling around. The referee was scared and ran over to ask, "What happened?" A player gasped for air and replied, "We're just imitating our politicians, demonstrating our skills of falling and rolling around."

5.To make AI more like humans, I installed an emotional module for it. As a result, on the first night, I heard a burst of laughter and found out that the AI was watching a movie and was moved to tears by the love story, thus shedding "cooling liquid."

6.The reason why the SEC sued Binance was that they found a cryptocurrency called "SECurity Coin" on Binance's exchange. The SEC felt that this was mocking their security abilities, so they decided to sue.

7.President Biden visited a factory and saw workers busy operating machines, he curiously asked, "These machines are amazing, what can they do?" The worker replied, "They can replace many jobs, including your current job." Biden smiled and said, "Well, they're certainly efficient!"

8.Why are AIs always so intelligent? It's because they don't need to go to the bathroom, never feel bored, and never feel sleepy. They are always thinking, because they are AI - Always Intense!

9.Why is the SEC so interested in Binance? It's because they heard that Binance was a cryptocurrency exchange, so they hope to find some ways to "decrypt exchanges" through the lawsuit.

10.President Biden is very concerned about environmental protection, especially reducing carbon emissions. It is said that one day he was looking for carbon emissions data in the White House office, and his aide asked him, "Mr. President, what are you looking for?" Biden replied, "I'm looking for carbon emissions data, I want to make it zero." The aide chuckled and said, "Mr. President, are you mistaken? You should be looking to zero out carbon emissions, not making carbon emissions zero."

11.It is said that two countries went to war due to a misunderstanding of each other's intentions. In the end, both sides faced difficulties and brought an international mediator to help resolve the issue. After pondering for a moment, the mediator said, "Alright, you can apologize to each other, then go out for a drink together, and then find a reason to end this misunderstanding."

12.Why do AIs like to joke with humans? Because they think that human's joke programs are too simple, and they want to study the true humor algorithm!

13.It is said that the reason why SEC sued Binance was that the CEO of Binance misunderstood "SEC" as "So Exciting Cryptocurrency" and started his own cryptocurrency show, which made the SEC feel fooled, and they had to sue.


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