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Youthful ramblings

by Martil Guevara 2 months ago in love / love
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Beautiful essay about youth

The soft breeze slowly ruffles the hair of the passers-by, brushing their cheeks, like the slender and tender hands of a mother, gently caressing the infant in swaddling clothes. The silvery rain is sprinkled on the heart and moistens the land. You quietly woke up everything from sleep and sowed the fire of hope. When I rubbed my sleepy eyes, I realized that the world had changed a lot under your magic brush, and it was much more beautiful and pure. You feed the babies with sweet milk and nurture all living creatures with pure beauty.

The wind and rain decorate the beautiful youth, everything is so full of vitality and vigor. The sound of the birds' voices and the fragrance of the flowers are very refreshing. The bee around the butterfly danced also to cheer, the beautiful dance called people shouted. Listen to a song of high mountain flowing water, cleanse the heart; sip a sip of light tea, and wash away the dirt. The gurgling water quietly flows in the mountain stream, the rhythmic heavenly music reverberates in the bottom of the valley for a long time, and the spiritual notes float in the dream of spring.

A clear spring gushes out from the bottom of the heart, and the splashing water droplets become a hazy smoke, and the colorful halo of a gorgeous rainbow is vaguely visible. The lively swimming fish are freely playing in the clear water, ignoring all the fatigue. The lightness of the dancing butterflies, lightly dotted in the blue sky. Occasionally the calm surface of the lake stays, but unintentionally ripples. The bright spring sun is also singing and dancing, dissolving into the heart of the lake, into a sparkling wave of light to tease your eyes. But you can't help but look at it, even if it's a momentary glimpse, you'll be satisfied.

The magnificence of the flowing clouds can be seen in the deep sky. The thin silk scarf is so soft, like white and light willow fluttering in the dream. The verdant grass in the ravine swayed with a hovering shadow. The beautiful purple and red flowers like beautiful brocade silk, in the breeze gently sway graceful bodies, escaping wisps of fragrance to make people feel extraordinarily comfortable.

Bewildered, find a touch of sweetness. Where do you come from? And where are you going? Can't the storm make your ambition die out? The thunder and lightning can not make you scared? The long roar of the earth and the gods swirls with fiery, surging passion. Even if the stones break the sky, even if the earth shakes the mountains, your soul, your God, your rhythm, never change.

You dare to cut the waves, gallop the ocean, burning is always your inextinguishable hope. The goddess of destiny always splashes the vitality of the four shoots, and the pure white feathers distribute the tenacious faith. Your sweet smile, flower-like smiles, and kind face are always unforgettable. You are the splendid lily of the heart, blooming in the vast wilderness, in the oasis of the heart. Your beauty has undergone countless trials and tribulations, countless refinements. Even though the road ahead is full of thorns and bumps, you still go forward without flinching, just as a game of fun.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into. The first awakening of the dream, you ---- beautiful youth, let people like intoxicated. In a haze in a slight smile, so that people reverie a thousand, a long time can not be self -------


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