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Your Heart Is My Only Refuge

by Gulla Balla 8 months ago in love
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A True Love Story

The moment she was born, her mother passed away, so her father married another woman to bear the burdens of raising the little girl. From the first moment, she did not treat her kindly and leniently, but rather treated her harshly. With a sufficient amount of good heart and pure intention, and one month after her marriage she became pregnant from him, and after her pregnancy was completed, she gave birth to a daughter, and from the moment of her birth she did not hide her bad treatment of the orphan girl.

The father sighed and lost his life from the severity of his grief over his situation. The stepmother took her stepdaughter out of school and made her work in the school where she was studying in order to earn the money from which she and her daughter coexist; The child loved her studies, which made her beg her school director to study while working and hide that matter from her stepmother. the other.

The stepmother used to pamper her daughter a lot at the expense of her late husband’s daughter, separating them in everything, although the one who makes money and spends on the family is the daughter of the late husband, who did not even find a portion of food enough for her, hardly sleeps a few hours so that she can keep up Challenges every new day of her life.

One day, her stepmother read an advertisement for a job to help a wealthy man, but with a sharp temper and a fickle mood, so she presented it in the name of her stepdaughter due to the financial return from this job. The stepmother took the girl to the company, and a conversation took place between them in the elevator...

The stepmother and holding a lip pencil in her hand: “Put a little of it so that the manager accepts you for the job, if you work with him, he will give you a lot of experience that you will not be able to obtain even if you work in large institutions.”

The girl removed what her stepmother had put on her: “What is the need for that when he is basically blind, so how will he be able to see my appearance or my appearance?”

Her stepmother: "Thank God that he will not see your appearance or your appearance, otherwise he will not like you and will not accept you as a servant in his house."

They got out of the elevator and in the elevator was the manager of the company and his men close to him, and he had heard every word that went between them.

The manager is a young man in his thirties, although he has lost his eyes, he is still at the top of the pyramid of the rich and the very wealthy, his pictures always top the pages of business magazines.

While interviewing all the job applicants, and it's time for the girl's turn, we call her name...

The first time I entered, I found the maid sitting in a wheelchair...

Director: "Come close."

The girl approached him and she was really afraid from inside, and the first thing she approached him he grabbed her hand and sat her on his legs and started touching her face little by little with his hand, the girl got annoyed and screamed at him...

Girl: “Are you crazy, what are you doing?!”

Director: "Excuse me, I'm blind as you can see and my hands do what my eyes do, don't you ask yourself why you are the only girl I meet myself?!"

Exclamation marks and lack of understanding were drawn on the girl's features, and the manager resumed his speech, saying: "It's not the first meeting between us, do you remember the elevator a while ago?"

Girl: "Elevator?!"

Director: “Didn’t you call me blind?!”

The girl: "Now I understand, I did what you did to take revenge on me for what I said about you?! Do you know something that you are not only suffering from something wrong with your eyes, but also with your heart, sir, and your revenge will not work for me because I don't want your job in the first place."


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