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You Will Get Over Him

I promise the sky isn't falling...

By Laura SaraPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

I promise you will get over him…

Your significant other just broke up with you and it feels like the sky has fallen, like you’re empty and you’ll never feel the same again.

Let me tell you—you will get over him. And you will learn so much from it.

Cry it out—spend your nights crying into your bff’s arms, scream his name (with some profanity), and eat your ice-cream. But at some point you need to pick yourself up and move on.

Fill your time with things you enjoy, so you’re not thinking about it. For me this was working out, not only did it help get the anger out, it gave me a hot bod to make him sad he ever got rid of. Preoccupy your mind with something else than him. Use this time to strengthen your relationships with your friends you might’ve neglected a little bit while dating. Spend time with your family. Study or work harder than before.

It teaches you how independent you really are; how strong you are. That you aren’t to be defined by someone else. You can do anything you put your mind to, and just because one silly person didn’t want to be with you absolutely doesn’t mean you're worthless.

Sadly, you have to go through a couple bad apples before you find the perfect one. It hurts, don’t get me wrong. You attach yourself to someone, you share so many amazing memories and experiences together. They’re all over your Instagram and Facebook, it seems impossible to keep them off your mind. Try and not be an insta creep, it’ll only make you feel crummier I promise. Who cares if he’s in Sarah’s Snapchat story? It doesn’t mean anything, so stop obsessing already.

Life has a way of working itself out I believe, and if it wasn’t meant to be then so be it. You don’t want something mediocre anyways, you want fireworks and butterflies and if they’re not getting that then you don’t want that in your life anyways. Think of it as the perfect opportunity to find the true love of your life—after some time first, there’s no rush.

Take some time to spend just with yourself, do things you love or you like to eat. Don’t jump on the next hottie you meet, take it slow and get back into it when you feel ready. There’s no rush or no time limit to wait.

Don’t do anything irrational or crazy right away. Don’t just assume they cheated on you, sometimes things just don’t work out, that’s life. Stop calling them every night, you shouldn’t have to convince anyone to be with you. If blocking him on social media is what you feel needs to be done, do it. But don’t stalk them. Don’t bash them to their friends, be peaceful even if you think they’re a piece of trash. You will just look pathetic.

Don't give up on love, give it a break maybe—but don't curse love. Love will come to you, most likely right when you're not expecting it because that's just the way life works.

Try to remove everything that makes you think of them and triggers all those emotions all over again. Don’t wear their old hoodies or look at old photos. Put them away, or throw them out.

I may sound harsh, but trust me it’s not the end of the world. You’re young and you will find someone who loves you more and is everything you could’ve dreamed of in a partner. It hurts, holy crap it feels shitty. But I promise soon they’ll feel like just a distant memory. You’ll be so much stronger and in-tune with yourself for it. Really they did you a favour.

You rock and the sky isn’t falling I promise.


About the Creator

Laura Sara

Ottawa, Canada. Just a recent grad trying to figure out how to "adult".

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