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You Were Born an Alpha Male

Do Not Be a Beta Male

By Timothy A RowlandPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
You Were Born an Alpha Male
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What Is a Beta Male?

According to Oxford dictionary online a "Beta Male" is defined as:

  • a subordinate male animal in a particular group.
  • a man tending to assume a passive or subservient role in social or professional situations.

Be an Alpha, Never a Beta

There are so many media outlets as well as people in modern times, telling you that as a man, you should be a “Beta Male.” What they mean by that is that you should take a secondary role in relationships and not be assertive or take control in any way. Do not buy into this latest attempt to bring down men in society. You were literally born to be an Alpha. Nature created you to take control of situations, be the protector, and to be a force of power in your own life; as well as your relationships.

The problem with assertiveness and taking control, comes when it is taken too far. There is a line between being an Alpha in a relationship; and just being a jerk. Even worse; some men take it further across the line and become abusive. These are the traits that you want to avoid at all cost. Don’t be “that guy” … just be a “guy.”

Does this mean that if you are a man with feminine traits or mannerisms, that you cannot be an Alpha male? Of course not. Being an Alpha male isn’t about your mannerisms or how macho you can be. It is about recognizing your role as the protector, provider, and yes; the take-charge assertive force.

If you are in a relationship, you still need consent from your partner when making love or even hugging or kissing them. However; be assertive and “take” them like a man when the mood and atmosphere is right. Women (and some men) do actually want that. If you do this and she says “no” then by all means, stop. The truth is, though, that most women expect and crave a man who is willing to take charge in the bedroom; and outside of the bedroom as well.

Romantic Relationships Should Have Two Alphas. No Beta.

In a real and healthy relationship, there are no Betas at all. You are born to be an Alpha male. You need to find an Alpha female. Every wolf pack has two leaders; one male and one female. Those are the Alphas in the pack. Nature is gender-balanced that way.

By Dušan Smetana on Unsplash

The men in her life that are in the “friend zone” are the Beta males in her life. You are not meant to run alongside them. You are her partner. You are her sword and shield; while she is yours. Think of your relationship as a tag team in a fight called, Life. Sometimes you tag her in and let her take the lead. Other times, you need to take the lead. Finally, more often than not, you have to both be in the fight at the same time. Even during those times that you are in the fight together, neither of you is secondary to the other.

In Other Words...

Do not buy into the false information that tells you that you should be secondary to anyone. Do not be a Beta male; you were born to be an Alpha. If you are in a relationship or trying to get into one, be the Alpha male in the situation, while also allowing her to be the Alpha female. If you are a man in a same sex relationship; you can still both be Alpha men in the relationship. Relationships are partnerships. Both persons are meant to be on equal standing and have equal control in that partnership. Stand together for every step and nobody should be taking a backseat to the other.


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