You Don't Have To Be Gay To Support Gay Rights

by Catherine Smith 6 months ago in lgbtq

Love is love

You Don't Have To Be Gay To Support Gay Rights

I was watching one of my favourite television shows - Bad Girls - over the Easter long weekend. As always, I posted on social media about my favourite Bad Girls couple; talking about how much I love them and love that they finally get together! (It ended too long ago to worry about spoilers).

This is my favourite Bad Girls couple:

Helen Stewart and Nikki Wade

I bet the first thing you noticed was that they're both women. Shock horror -_- For the Sheldon Copper's amongst you - that was sarcasm.

I was shocked by the barrage of messages and tweets I received after posting about my (platonic) love for them. It annoys me I even have to write 'platonic', but there you go. Modern times for ya.

I don't mind people asking me if I'm gay, because it isn't an insulting question - not like 'how's the baby?' and you have to explain that you're just fat; not pregnant. What annoys me, is when I get rude messages for openly supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

Having same-sex relationships on television is a massive step forward. But Ofcom still get complaints about it.

In the twenty-first century.

I'll just let that sink in...

Gay relationships on television aren't just for the LGBTQ+ community, they are to show people that a same-sex relationship, is normal. It highlights that it happens everywhere. People are gay. Get over it.

I'm heterosexual (straight), and I have never understood why people can't just love one another, irrespective of gender. Even when I was little, I never asked 'why that man kissed that other man', or 'why that man was dressed as a woman'. I just accepted it as fact. Men love men; women love women. If someone is lucky enough to find love, then it should be celebrated.

This is beautiful. Meryl Streep and her husband Donald Gummer. And let's face it, who doesn't LOVE Meryl Streep?

This is beautiful. Helen and Nikki in Bad Girls finally kiss!

This is beautiful. Christian and Sayed in EastEnders kissing, after a long battle to be together.

I got called all sorts for supporting a gay relationship. Maybe I'm stupid, but what's the problem? I had people tell me 'You need a real man to show you what you're missing' and I've been called a 'fat dyke' and my personal favourite - 'disgusting rug muncher'. It really annoyed me, and I'm straight. So, I can only imagine how others must feel. Some people were disgusted that as a straight woman, I was supporting a lesbian couple. What? Is it meant to make me feel ill? Am I meant to be annoyed that two people fell in love? The hostility is crazy! God forbid a straight person supports the gays!

In school, my best friend was gay. He told me first (which I thought was a massive privilege) before telling the rest of the school. I know in his personal life he struggled with 'coming out' to his dad; scared of what he would say.

That's when I started showing support for the LGBTQ+ community. I'd always supported gay rights, but I became more vocal. So, whether you're Heterosexual, Gay, Lesbian, Pan or Trans, speak up. Fan girl over gay/lesbian relationships on TV, let them educate small minded homophobes. Enjoy whoever and however you love. And stick a metaphorical two fingers up to the world.

If you need help in any way, or you're being targeted for your sexuality, please seek help. IT isn't right and you shouldn't have to stand for it.

LGBT Helpline: 0345 330 3030

Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith
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