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Wrong Place, Wrong Time

A Story About Shoplifting

By Robbie BalePublished 5 years ago 2 min read

It can look very bad when you get caught with half of the store in your backpack. I was hanging out with my friends after school and we get thirsty. We went to the store and attempted to shoplift. We got caught by a store worker. My day ended with me running home terrified that the police might be looking for me. Peer pressure is a good way to get yourself in trouble.

My friends and I were a very mischievous bunch of kids; one day after school, we were joking around and having fun, doing kid stuff. It was an extremely hot day out, and we were very thirsty. My friend, Victor, decided that we should walk to the store and get something to drink. I agreed, so did my other two friends, Marcus and Leon. However, I realized that I didn't have any money, so I was just going to walk with them and wait outside.

I wanted to look cool in front of my friends. Seeing that we just got out of school, we brought our backpacks into the store. I followed my friends to the candy aisle near the back of the store. “Hey guys, I thought we were going to get something to drink.” They ignored me and started placing stuff their book bags. Leon was watching out to make sure no one saw us. I didn’t want to look like a wuss, so I proceeded to put things in my bags too. Little did we know, we weren't going to get away with our little scheme.

If I learned anything from this event, it’s to not follow the crowd. After I put that first bag of candy into my backpack, I felt so cool. As I reached for another one, I heard a loud voice scream at us. “Hey, what are you guys doing over there?!” It was a store worker, and he didn't look very happy. “Take everything out of those bags, NOW!” he scolded. I felt so embarrassed, and I knew for sure that our punishment would be bad. We took everything out of our bags, and the worker asked us where we lived or where he could contact our parents. We convinced the worker to let us off the hook. I calmly walked out of the store, but once outside I started running home. I was so afraid that he had secretly called the cops on us and sent them after us.

I would've gotten into big trouble because I gave into peer pressure. I should've followed my gut and just not tried to steal the candy. This day had a very significant impact on my life. It showed me that I don't always have to follow the crowd. I can blaze my trail. I can be cool without having to prove it to others.


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