My Worst Date
My Worst Date


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Well here goes. I have been single for almost 11 years since my first late partner passed away. I have been going on dates here and there but nothing was ever serious. I guess after being single for a long time the thought of being committed would be very hard for me to adjust. One day, I decided to download the app Grindr which is an app for gay men to meet other guys around them and after uploading my profile, I received a message from 3 guys and they were all seemed desperate so I thought this could be a bad idea and deleted the app after 2 days as messages I received was very bizarre. One day, I was at Starbucks and I ordered myself a caramel frappe with whipped cream and requested for extra caramel on top of it and I heard a voice from behind me saying "isn't that amazing to have more caramel on top of it?!" I thought to myself that the person behind me is probably talking to his friend but I turned and he was actually talking to me! I was kind of a surprise because nobody talks to me in public like EVER! But spontaneously, i responded with " It's the best feeling EVER!" we both smiled and I said, "I thought you were talking to someone" and he said "Nah, I was talking to you because I order the same thing and i feel like I was the only one who orders that but its good to know I'm not weird and there's someone out there having the same as me"

We introduced each other and after I got my drink, I said goodbye to him and sat on the table that was adjacent to the window closest to the restroom. He was still waiting for his drink and I was staring at him and gosh, I thought to myself "He is gorgeous!" I then went on reading the magazine that I bought earlier and just reading it. About 2 minutes later, I was like "Hmmm.. maybe I should download the app again and see if he's online." I download the app and true enough, he was on the app and his profile has a photo of him with his t-shirt off and has whipped cream on his chest and I immediately message him saying "Hey, thanks for the conversation and I'm glad we share something in common in drinks." He then responded saying he was finding me on Grindr but couldn't find me and I told him I just downloaded the app to see if he's on it and we both were laughing at how silly it was.

(His name shall not be on here but I'll just say M.)

We both agreed on exchanging numbers and we carry on our day. I then proceed over to meet my best friend over at her house and I told her what happened and she was laughing at told me that it's just like in movies and I said "RIGHT?!" and I even showed her the text messages and stuff and she was in awe. She asks me if we are going to see each other again and I didn't know what to say because we didn't get to that part. She said that I should because of his looks and I said yeah maybe but it's too early to ask a person out. It's not even 24 hours yet and she said well it don't matter because we both have chemistry. I wasn't sure of the protocol as you know I have not been in the dating scene in like a decade.

January 27th was the day he asked me out. we've been talking for awhile and I told him yeah we should catch a movie and dinner. He responded and agreed. Now, before I move any further with the information just so you guys know that my birthday falls on January 28th which is the day after and I was busy planning with my friends on what I want to do to celebrate and we agreed on having friends over and just chill and head to the club after. So it was around 6 pm and I was nervous about this date. A million things were going through my head as to what could go right or wrong. I was so nervous that I changed my outfit 3 times before my best friend stops me from all the chaos. I stick to my first outfit because of how casual it looks and it shows the person is and how I dress up normally. 7 pm he texted me saying he's on the way up. I said just ring the bell once ya at the door and then the bell rang and my best friend ran so fast towards the door before I could even say anything. There he was, looking dapper and he introduces himself to my roommate/best friend and he brought me a rose and I was like "Ummm... thanks but I didn't get you anything and didn't know what to get you." He responded with "You look cute and nervous!" Indeed I was because it's been awhile and it felt like someone was about to jump out of nowhere and shout "You've been punked!" but there wasn't. He then came towards me and gave me a kiss on the cheeks and said: "Are you ready to go?" I said, "Yeah, but let me just grab my stuff and then we can head out." I went to my best friend and said to her that I will be messaging her all night to keep her update on what's happening just like how she does to me all the time whenever she goes on dates.

We went to this cute little restaurant which is about 2 blocks away and it was the restaurant I used to go to. It has been awhile since I last step foot in here but it was nice to know he likes this place too. The reason why I didn't go to this restaurant anymore was that the girl that I used to know works here and we weren't on good terms so I decided to stop going but that was a while ago as I mentioned. The menu looks the same but there's a couple of new things and I fancy most of the food here. We sat in the booth where there weren't many people around so we could have a quiet area to talk and just enjoy each other's company. We then proceed to order our food and he asks if I drink Moscato and I said: "Couldn't this date be any perfect that you ask me if I drink my favorite wine!" The waiter was smiling and then he left. We started talking and asking each other just simple questions to get to know each other. The waiter came back with the wine and inform us that the food will be ready in 15mins. We went on talking and he asks me if I'm doing anything tomorrow as he wanted to take me to a place where he thought would be a great place to hang and watch the stars etc and I told him I have plans as it's my birthday tomorrow. He looks kinda disappointed but barely shows it and I then invite him to my place with my friends and he said: "Isn't that too soon to be around your friends?" I said, "Well we are friends so I don't think its weird you coming over beside it's my birthday and it would be great to have you there!" He agreed.

The food finally came and we continue our conversation and we were laughing and I thought to myself "Wow, we have a lot in common!" I look around and there were only two couples sitting outside and us inside as it was almost closing time for the restaurant. He asked for the bill and this usually gets a little weird as to who pays the bill and I offered but he rejected and gave the waiter his card and gently push him away as though I would argue about the bill and he said "It's my treat as an early birthday present." I thanked him.

We left the restaurant and walk towards my building. It was a little windy and he then gave me a little hug to keep me warm and I thought that was a nice gesture. We arrived at my doorstep and he gave me a sweet gentle kiss on the lips and said that he had a great time and he can't wait to see me again. I said well be sure to be here around 8 pm. I open the door and he kisses me again before saying goodnight.

The big day January 28th my birthday! So stoked that I'm going to be a year older and happy to see all my friends under one roof chilling and having a good time! It was 2:30 pm and T (my best friend) and I decided to head out to the grocery to grab chips and stuff for my birthday and we went to party city for decoration stuff. We usually spend a lot of time finding the perfect stuff for whatever occasion or party and we spend about 2 hours in party city! After finding all the things we needed, we head home to start with the decoration and my other roommate was already home from work and she was unpacking the cups and plates and she was baking something delicious just from the smell that fills up the room.

8 pm: People starts slowly filling up the apartment and I have yet notice M and I texted him and he said he is on the way. He's stuck in traffic but he's like a block away. I was excited and I told my friends that he's coming and don't be weird around him. 8:15 pm, he came in looking like Holy Unicorn! he was stunning and he has a blue bag with a blue ribbon in his right hand and he walks towards me and give me a kiss and hand me over the bag and said "I couldn't find anything last minute but after our conversation last night at dinner, I gather some info and I hope you like it!" The fact that he knows I love blue is HUGE!

I went to the kitchen to get him a drink and T was there and she jokingly said"if you don't want him, I'll take him and change him to like women! we were both laughing. Birthday party turns out was great and after the whole shebang, we all head out to head to the club and M asked my roommates to join us in the car. We got to the club and went straight to the dance floor and he held my hand as we make our way to the dance floor. We were having a good time. As you know good times always end so quickly.

3 am and I was tired and we all agreed that it's time to head home. We got in his car and went back. I said to him that he doesn't have to drive home and he can stay over and he said "Well I would love to!" well then it's settled. Nothing happens. If that's what you guys were wondering.

He left my apartment roughly around noon and left a note saying he has some work to do and will call me later. I woke up and showered and had breakfast and my roommates were in the living room watching tv.

I received a message from him around 4 pm saying: "Hey, sorry for leaving without waking you up and saying goodbye. I was wondering if you want to meet up later for date numero 2?" I had the biggest smile ever and said, "Yes, but I have to clean up the house etc." He responded, "Well, I'll pick you up at 7:30 pm?" I agreed.

The second date falls on a rainy day. He came to pick me up and got in the car and he drove to a carnival. I'm starting to think how this gentleman knows a lot of things that I like and I didn't really tell him much even though we had conversations. But I refuse to sort of listen to my instinct and continue to enjoy my time with him. We got on the roller coaster even though I hate that because I have a phobia of heights but I didn't want to ruin it. We went to the haunted house, again something I hate!

He then said that we are heading to have coffee and some snacks at this nice little bistro. As we were walking towards the bistro, passing rain started and we ran to the nearest building and walk towards the bistro.

We sat down and ordered two caramel latte and a slice of their famous tiramisu. I received a call from my best friend and she was telling me something about M. She said that she stalked him on facebook and she found that M is actually dating a guy I know very well but the phone call was disrupted by the signal of where we were sitting and I had to hang up as M was looking at me weirdly and me trying to play it cool. He asked me if everything was ok and I replied with a yes. He then had to excuse himself and walk towards the entrance of the bistro and I wasn't really put a lot of thoughts into that and with him outside, I decided to call my best friend T and ask her what was that phone call was all about. She then explained to me that M is currently dating the guy I used to date. The guy who was my ex is dating M? I said. She said yes! The reason why we broke up was that I found out that he was cheating on this guy numerous time and every time I confronted him, he denied it every time. So now, the guy I'm on a date with is seeing my ex-bf! I told T that I had to go and before I hung up, I told T where I am and I need her to come and pick me up ASAP.

M came back with a guy and that guy none other than MY EX!

I was speechless and I felt every single hair on my body stands. I couldn't even move a muscle. M sat down with the guy and he said: "Do you remember him?" I responded "Yes" trying to hold on to my rage. I was confused and I was not sure as to where this is heading. M then proceeded with this sentence: "Well, I was hurt when I found out you were dating him because I loved him so much and you took him away from me. You took that one thing I love and I can never forgive you for that. You thought that I could let it go that easily? you think that this whole thing was unplanned? I stalked your facebook and it took me months before I start this whole plan to ruin your life." "Now, I'm showing you exactly how it feels like to be taken something away from you!" My ex-left and M was literally laughing and the whole bistro was literally had their eyes and ears on our table. I was shocked and I had no idea how to react and I started crying. I was literally shaking and it took about 10 minutes before my best friend came to rescue me. Some of the patrons offered napkins and give emotional support and I got up and left with my roommate home.

Let me remind you guys that though this may never be the worst break up story ever, it does help me get stronger and it does make me be more alert and observant of the people I hang out with and the people I meet.

I'm currently single still and slowly getting my confidence back.


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