My Worst Date
My Worst Date

Worst Dates

by Denise Willis 2 years ago in dating

Be careful who you trust.

Worst Dates


I met him online, and he was so good looking and nice to talk to. We talked every night for hours, exchanging recipes, talking about our spouses, and neither one of us was happy, and talking of life in general.

I knew in my gut it was a mistake, but I was so taken by this man that I couldn't think straight. I had been unhappy in my marriage for some time, so I took a leap of faith and told my husband I was leaving. He didn't seem that upset about it, and I think he figured I'd be back in a week or so, so he sent me out the door the next morning with twenty dollars for gas, and the old car that I'd had for about eighteen years. I had bald tires and my mother's ashes in my purse, and I was trying to outrun a rainstorm, but my attraction for this man I had met on a game site exceeded any and all worries.

I was staying with my sister and he was going to fly out from North Carolina and meet me there to help me drive back to NC since I had an old car. He said he wanted to make sure I was safe out there, and I was once again taken by how caring he was of me.

He spent the night in the airport because the flight was delayed, and he arrived about two the next afternoon. I was standing at the airport, my heart in my throat, and I saw him coming. Before I could say anything, he walked past me and mentioned that my hair was still blonde. We had met at a clandestine location a few months earlier, so he knew I was blonde, and I didn't understand the comment, but put it down to his being tired.

We made dinner for my sister and her husband and then packed and got ready to leave in the morning. I was driving and we stopped for a quick breakfast at McDonald's. The only thing was, he seemed to be the only one eating. I didn't have the funds to spend on fast food, so he ate and I drove. The day was long, and I was tired because I had not slept well the night before. We stopped only to use the restroom, and he had a cooler with apples and water in it, and that was the only food I was offered. I was tired and hungry, and the humidity in Oklahoma was getting to me, so as it got dark, we pulled into a rest area and he told me to get some sleep. How? I was sweating and had my dog laying on my legs in the well packed back seat. I never did get any sleep, and he woke around dawn and wanted me to drive. By now I was seeing double and dreaming while wide awake, so I pulled off at the next rest area and told him he would either have to let me sleep a few hours, or he'd have to drive it himself. He opted to drive himself, and never stopped until we pulled into his driveway at around two in the morning.

He showered first, of course, and after I got out of the shower, I put some rose oil on my arms and legs because they felt dry, and as I walked into the living room, he asked me why I used so much of it, but I hadn't, it was just strong smelling, but my feelings were hurt. He wouldn't let my dog on the futon where we slept and was always yelling at her and making remarks about how skinny I was. I was thin, but I was also stressed. The next day he wanted to go to the beach, and decided my dog could go that once, but not again. He was jealous of the relationship I had with my dog of ten years.

When we got home from the beach, he was outside working in his garden, and I went out to see what he was doing. He was almost in tears because he had to trim some of the plants, and he barked at me when I asked him why he was so upset, asking me how I'd feel if I had to cut down my friends. At this point I was beginning to think he was very unstable. I was inside sitting on the futon when he came in and put his hand under my chin and asked me if I was afraid of him.

It was a week before I was expecting a check, so I tried to lay low and not get him upset. A big hurricane was on the way and all he was worried about were his coins he had been collecting, not me. Luckily, it didn't do much damage, and everyone was okay, but as soon as I got my check, I told him I was going back to Colorado and packed everything I could in my old car, which looked like it was dragging the ground in the back, and I left as soon as he went to work in the morning. I was never so glad to leave a person in my life, and I learned a big lesson.

People can present themselves as anybody they want when they are on the internet, but be careful, because that may not be who they really are. Make them prove themselves to you before you jump off the cliff and believe whatever they tell you. Make sure you meet and spend time together—a good amount of time, so you can be sure of who you are really thinking of being with.

How does it work?
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