My Worst Date
My Worst Date

Worst "Date" of My Life

by Tiffany Allen 2 years ago in dating

So Sad, Really...

Worst "Date" of My Life

To tell you the story of my "Worst Date Ever," I must first tell you about how the date came to be and where I was in my life at the time.

Back in 2005, I began working for a big chain grocery store that had small prices (I am sure you know the one if you think hard enough). Anyway, I was a cashier/floor stock person. I was super busy on a daily basis and met a lot of new people. I was in my early thirties, and newly single due to a divorce. The divorce hit me hard, and I was very untrusting of men in general after all that I went through in a very bad marriage. I felt vulnerable and just wanted a new life so bad. I quickly made plenty of new friends and got to know my regular customers on a personal level. Each really good and kind customer quickly started to earn a place in my heart. Therefore healing some of my wounds. My trust in others increased. As it did, I began to notice some "looks" from men that shopped where I worked. Not to brag, but I was getting a lot of attention from guys while I worked! One customer, in particular, was talking to me constantly. Let us call him "John" for privacy. So John had known me since before my divorce from my son's dad. He had flirted me up for no less than two years before I was single. Always telling me how pretty I was, and how my husband was a very lucky man. Shortly after I became single, John was in the store practically on a daily basis looking for me and talking to me. He would find any excuse he could to go shopping. One day buying bread, and the next a carton of eggs. It started to be that he would just show up for no reason at all, just stand to the side and talk to me while I worked, sometimes helping me to stock higher shelves that my five-foot-two-inch frame could not stretch too. As we got to know each other, John asked all the right questions and provided all the right answers to anything I asked. I felt as if I have found a man I could trust. It seemed too good to be true and unfortunately that is the way it became very soon. At first, I was not willing to go on a date with him no matter how much he asked me. I kept thinking how a date with John could get me in trouble as it was against company rules. So before agreeing to a date night with John, I went on several dates with other men. Some younger, some a little older. All in the effort to find someone who was right for me. The other dates went very smoothly and proved to me that I might be able to trust a man again. Dinners, movies, and even a boat ride in the summer on the lake. I was thriving and getting my confidence back as the days passed by. John and I talked more and more about going on a date.

Pretty soon I decided, "Why not! What do I have too lose?" So I agreed to John's question about going out on a Friday night if I had the day off or day shift scheduled. When I agreed, he looked happy. That, I remember most of all. As the Friday night approached, I was getting excited. When the Friday night finally arrived, I was starting to feel leery about my decision. John was not answering his phone, and he had told me to call him after I was home from work. I called, no answer, so I took a hot shower and began getting ready. After I was freshened up I tried to call John again. Also no answer. I opted to send a text to see why he was ignoring me. John said he was busy at work and sorry. I took it and hoped he would call when he was ready. You see, we had decided to meet up for our date since we lived over thirty minutes away from one another. I waited and waited. 6:00 PM came and went. Then 7:00 PM, 8:00 PM, and 9:00 PM. Finally, he called at 9:45 PM and I asked if he wanted to reschedule since I was getting so late. I figured he had been working all this time. John said, "Please still meet me, I still want a date with you." I thought he sounded sincere so I went. I drove for forty minutes in order to get to our meeting spot, in a bar parking lot!

That is right gentle readers, a parking lot outside a bar. John had been inside a bar for over three hours getting completely plastered. When he came outside the bar and saw me John was already pretty drunk. What provoked me to agree to "ride" in his truck I will never to this day know. We literally drove around the back side of the bar! That is when I started getting really uncomfortable. I asked John where we were going on our date. He did not acknowledge my question, just asked if he could kiss me. I told him I rather go to a late night restaurant and have a real date. Basically giving him the opportunity to change his original decision. That did not happen. John leaned in and just kissed me. After that kiss, it did not take him long to take things way too far! He started touching me. Grabbing my breasts and thighs. I quickly asked him to stop his advancements. John just kept going. I yelled that this is no date, just his excuse to grope me!

That did not bother him one bit, he unzipped his jeans and grabbed my hand. John was directing my hand to his crotch as I attempted to pull away. He was way stronger than me. There was no pulling away. Next, he roughly jammed his hand down the front of my jeans. (I think the rest of what he did is obvious.)

After John was finished basically raping me, he smiled so bright and said what a wonderful first date it was. That we should do it again soon.

Uummmm, no!!!! Worst so-called date ever!


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