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Winding Down

Winding Down

By Patrick BramerPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Winding Down

I got home from Jackie’s house, pulled into the driveway, and got out of the car. As I walked into the house my mom, dad, and sister were all waiting up. It startled me a little bit seeing them as I didn’t expect everyone to be awake when I walked through the door. My dad was first to act as he said, “how’s the car”. I said, “It’s fine dad. Although I thought it was faster as I floored it down Main Street.” The look on his face was priceless as he said “What!!!!!” I told him I was joking that I didn’t go over the speed limit and I was driving like him, like an old grandpa. I laughed as I said that and he broke out a smile, barely. I am not sure if liked the humor in what I said. My mom then asked how everything went and I said it was great. We had a great time. She asked if we danced and I let her know that I did in fact dance and that nothing happened in the night that was bad. My sister just stared at me with a cheesy smile. She didn’t say anything, however, I felt that she wanted to ask me something. I told everyone that I wanted to go to bed so I gave back the car keys to my dad, thanked him for letting me drive his car, apologized for making those jokes, and headed to my room. As I passed by my dad, patted me on the shoulder and both my mom and dad told me that they loved me.

I got to my room and as I was shutting the door it popped back open almost hitting me in the head. My sister popped in and closed the door behind her. She just looked at me and said, “Well??” I said, “Well what?” Well, how did it go? She said. I kind of skirted around the question not giving any detail even though I wanted to blurt out that I kissed Jackie and wanted to know what I should do.

My sister was getting a little impatient with me so I finally told her that I kissed Jackie. She fell back on my bed in total shock. Popped back up and slapped me on the arm. I said, “OW what did you do that for?” She said, “Sorry I just can’t believe you did that. So, you kissed her, or did she kiss you?” I said, “I kissed her.” OMG, she said, and she didn’t slap you? No, in fact, she kissed me back. I don’t think I have ever seen my sister in complete and total shock before, but she was happy for me.

You might be wondering how or why I would want to talk with my sister about this kind of stuff. The simple answer is that my sister and I are really close and she knows that I don’t have many if any friends. I mean, I do have friends at school that I converse with, but it’s more like, hey did you see that new game that came out on Xbox, or I can’t wait until the new Marvel movie comes out. My friends at school don’t talk about any type of personal stuff. My sister is my only outlet for this kind of stuff. She, you might say, looks out for me. I mentioned the simple answer about this now I am going to let you know about the hard answer. I believe I mentioned before that because of who I am I was bullied and in fact, still being bullied in school. It’s difficult to make friends with anyone when you are the center of attention for this type of thing. If you have never been bullied before then let me tell you that you have to stay on guard at all times to make sure you don’t get hit, tripped, pushed into lockers, or spit on. Yes, I said to spit on. High School can be cruel for some and for me, it was like a war zone 5 days a week to go to school. You might also say, “why don’t you go to school officials”? I have and they just incite the bully’s rage against you twice fold and it increases your chance of getting hurt in some way but they do it in a more stealth way to not get caught, plus it doesn’t hurt to be popular in school where teachers just turn the other way. It’s rough to be in a setting like this. I don’t wish it on anybody. Would I be open to an apology to the people who have bullied me? Well, let me get back to you on that as some of the things that were done were unforgivable.

Getting back to my conversation with my sister, as I said she was completely shocked by what I said and I asked her if this means we are boyfriend and girlfriend? She had the look where she was thinking really hard to give me an answer and she said……….


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