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Those blue eyes, those red, luscious lips, his luring stare. Everything about him made me want to know more.

But why did he show an interest in me? What made me better than the other girls here? Pretty girls, confident girls. I was not confident by all means.

Throwing open the door to my room, I stepped inside.

“Hey there, Harper.”

Startled, I slammed the door shut a little too hard. Standing in the middle of the room was William.

“What are you doing in here?” I asked, looking him over.

He glanced to the closed door then back to me. “I take it you are alone?”

“Yes,” I exhaled. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

William didn’t answer me; he just took four slow and graceful steps towards me.

When he stopped within inches from my face, a slight shiver ran down my spine.

He was so handsome. I could barely look at him without blushing, or my heart picking up speed.

“Why do you wear all that eye make-up?” I asked.

He took another step closer; his body was within inches of touching mine.

“Because it’s me,” he whispered, causing my stomach to drop.

I looked past his lips and into his dreamy blue eyes. “Why do I get the feeling you and I have met before?”

“We haven’t,” he said, as he ran the back of his hand down my face. “You need to stay away from me.”

“I’m not afraid of you, William,” my voice quivered.

He leant forward and placed his lips close to my ear. “You should be,” he whispered as his lips ever so lightly brushed against it.

The tension that was building between us was unbearable. I took a step back and looked into his eyes.

“I’m not scared of you,” I lied. Quite frankly, the pull he had over me had me petrified.

He ran his hand through his hair and gave me a wicked smile. As he did, his sleeve moved up his arm.

Another tattoo, this time on the inside of his wrist. I was feeling light-headed; I couldn’t take much more of his perfection standing so close to me.

“What do you want, William?”

“Just to see if you were alone. I don’t want you hanging around with Nathaniel.”

“Well, you can see that I am alone and that clearly Nathaniel isn’t here.”

“Clearly,” he repeated.

“You told me I have to stay away from you,” I felt my heart tightening.

“And that’s what you should do.”

“Well, it’s a bit hard for me to do that when you are in my room, standing so close to me.”

“I don’t want to stay away from you.” He frowned, as if the words pained him.

“I don’t understand, William. You say one thing, then you say another.”

“I just want to make sure you and I have an understanding,”

I couldn’t blink. The hold he had over me was strong. “An understanding about what, William?” My heart was beating fast.

“I shouldn’t be around you,” he said. His voice was low.

A sudden urgency to have his lips on mine washed over me. I wanted him to hold me, to kiss me. “You are around me now,” I whispered.

He stumbled backwards away from me; he clenched his fists tight, causing his knuckles to turn white.


He shook his head, not looking at me. “Don’t,” he warned. “I have to leave. Please just stay away from me.”

He pushed me aside as he rushed out of the room, slamming the door shut behind him. ©

Jo Donato - Author
Jo Donato - Author
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Jo Donato - Author

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