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Will I Ever Meet My Valentine?

by Aesthetic Writer 8 months ago in dating
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Tired of being single, you are not alone.

Will I Ever Meet My Valentine?
Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

If the title caught your eye and you are reading this article you must be wondering the same thing which means you too are single on this Valentine. It is so hard to keep yourself distracted around this time of the year when you can only see couples here and there, expressing their love for each other.

Whenever I happen to pass by a couple which by the way happens regularly makes me think why can’t I have all this stuff and most of the time I compare myself with the other person like I am better than them in so many aspects why wouldn’t someone like me which I know is wrong because who am I to judge someone.

After a series of long questions that I had, I have got some clarity about my thoughts which I would like to share with you guys like people who are in relationships are making adjustments with their individual choices daily to make things work. What we see is only the good stuff but believe me, you don’t wanna go into all the stuff that makes it happen. The amount of maturity you need to handle an adult relationship is huge. When you are with someone, you get to know them better with time and you will eventually discover their qualities and flaws, at that time you need a calm mind and ample amount of maturity to accept their flaws which most of us are not ready, to be honest.

It is not hard to be in a relationship nowadays because you will easily find anyone near your neighbourhood, at work, at a club or maybe at an online dating app. But if your motive is just to get into a relationship then that person will just be an “anybody” and not someone special or someone whom you would love to call your valentine. I know it's hard when your friends are busy planning their date and you are thinking of watching a movie alone wishing you could also have someone but instead of rushing things, try to be calm and focus on yourself and your choices. You don't need to compromise with your choices. Instead, just hold on for a while.

So, I think if we don't have someone special maybe there's a lot of work we need to do on ourselves and most importantly we need to find ourselves and what we really want. We need to feel a connection with our soul before trying to make a connection with someone else. We need to make ourselves the better version of ourselves so that we will deserve what we want.

Don’t you worry, you and I both will meet our valentine soon. Till then wait and focus on yourself. I wish you very good luck and may you meet your valentine this year.

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