Dating: Do's & Don'ts
Dating: Do's & Don'ts

Why You Shouldn't

by Courtney Juergens about a year ago in dating

Dating Married Men/Women

Why You Shouldn't

No, I haven't been in a relationship or personally seen this happen to anyone. I know so many of you think I may not have the right to speak on this issue but I'll still have an opinion nonetheless.

So Married Men/Women... We all want the unattainable the cookie in the cookie jar but does that mean we should have it, even if we're well behaved? Well, news flash, we are not children anymore. And a married man/woman is not a cookie. Whether they tell you what you want to hear or not, there is no excuse.

I'm not a highly religious person and I don't know what love is but I certainly don't think it's someone getting pleasure out of hurting two people or more in the process of trying to have the best of both worlds. What I mean by that is let's say you're a woman who met this man at a coffee shop and you two immediately hit it off. So you two go on a couple of dates and find out he's married and maybe even has some kids. What do you do? Most would confront this guy. "How dare you not tell me" or something like that. Right. While the smarter move would be, drop his ass completely. You chose that path. So you confronted and he apologized saying, "I love you, she means nothing to me, we were already having problems, and I was already considering divorce." Maybe he even throws in another "I love you" or an "I promise" so you believe him and continue down this path to failure blindly ignoring the fact that if he's cheating on his wife, he's bound to cheat on you even if you two end up being together. There's no perfect ending. Seriously even if you dumped his ass, you'll still feel like shit! Wondering what if, or what could've happened. The facts are you already played this out in your head, the worst of the worst; it's just whether you chose to accept what's bound to come and deal with it head on or you ignore it and wind up regretting the whole thing. So if you didn't take my advice from the start and you're in this situation, what do you do? You've been dating for a while and realize your mistake, Drop His Ass! Delete everything that has to do with him/her. Block all numbers and profiles, and get back out there and meet someone else or go crack a cold one with the boys or have a girls' night. Take your mind off this person. Forget them! That is your main priority. Basically, ghost them. You have no reason to stay in contact anymore okay! If you aren't still following my advice then be prepared to ruin someone else's life along with your life as well because once that person he/she is married to finds out, that's when this whole situation becomes real to you. That is when you'll finally realize what you have gotten yourself into. That is when you're labeled as "the mistress" or "the Bitch who stole my husband" or "the family ruiner." That is when it really affects you because even if you end up with this man or woman it will haunt you for as long as you're with them or in any future relationships you may have. You should've forgiven yourself at the beginning and moved on entirely. Which is still an option just a bit harder to do now but if you're still ignoring my advice well then best of luck to you, my friend.

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