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Why You Should Meet Your Soulmate Instead Of Your Twin Flame For Love

Unless you want heartache and without companionship

By Life LessonPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
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This topic is a bit out-of-touch for most people when come to relationships. In my opinion, this is because most people would not experience these mystical relationships in real life. They're 'given' or fated in your destiny, not something you can ask for. Below is my sharing of my personal experiences of both.

Many of us choose our life partner using very practical and rational thinking, which is good but without emotional attachment, it's very easy for infidelity to happen and lead to the road of divorce. Of course, the best would be the marriage of both the practicality and the emotional attachment. 

The marriage of Heart + Brain = The Happily Everafter

What is soulmate love?

Soulmate love is someone you have a deep connection with, can 'click' easily, and complements your strengths and weaknesses. They bring out the best potential in you, make you a better person, he/she is your best teammate - both of you become a great team in society and enrich your life with the complements.

What is twin flame love?

Twin flame love is someone who comes into your life to teach you life lessons. He/she is exactly the mirror reflection of you. You could see your flaws, insecurity, trauma, etc in him/her. It triggers your growth and makes you a better person.

Twin flame love is an extremely intense attraction and connection between two people which is hard to explain. At times you will be intimidated by this connection that you tend to run away from it.

While there are inevitably a lot of negative sides of twin flame as he/she will cause you heartache and heartbreak as oftentimes it involves separation, as you both are not meant to be together. They are here to teach you lessons so that you can heal from whatsoever negative sides of yourself and be your best.

How do you know if you have met your twin flame love?

1. Intense attraction and connection - It's although you know each other for ages. You always bump into each other frequently, and always catch each's eyes without intention. You may ask - why do I always bump into this guy/gal? You could sense their presence around you without looking at their face.

2. He/she is a mirror of you - it's like you see yourself in this person. Both of you have many similarities in terms of personality, traits, childhood background, growing-up environments, etc. They help you to see the things that you refuse to see e.g your insecurity, wounded inner child, trauma, etc. 

3. Both of you are constantly fighting over your similarities and each of you is not backing down easily. There's always a clash over these similarities. Your strong pride or ego makes this relationship full of frustrations, and a very turbulent one, yet the strong emotional attachment makes it hard to break off totally. Hence there's always on and off over a long period of time.

Can twin flame love be a happy union?

You can have a happy marriage or long-term partnership with your twin flame unless both of you have totally healed. Be warned though it's not easy as many a time it involves separation some can go for years, or he/she dies young. Thus, twin flame love very often causes lots of heartaches and tears. Often times it's like a karmic relationship which is a passionate love that's full of turmoil.

Why soulmate love is a better choice over twin flame love?

Soulmate love is very much about a partner that complements you perfectly, besides the deep emotional connection. It's much more supportive and makes you feel more relaxed, even if you are challenged to come out of your comfort zone. It's a very pleasant feeling as you feel someone understands you so well and makes your world a better place, or makes you a better person. It's often long-lasting and goes stronger over the years. You'll feel fulfilled and blessed.


I guess no one would like to taste the heartaches and the loneliness in this world, so I strongly feel you should want to meet your soulmate love rather than your twin flame love to have a blissful life. Am I not right?

There's a saying - 'if you meet your twin flame, run!'. It indicates a huge heartache is waiting for you if you don't run. As you are paying back the karmic debt to this person! Scary, right? Unless you're a super strong soul that can overcome all the upheavals. 

"A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks." 

- Richard Bach

* * *

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