Why I Don't Get Involved with Already Involved Men Anymore

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Or women for that matter

Why I Don't Get Involved with Already Involved Men Anymore

This problem I'm going to talk about is not just a sugar or BDSM issue. A lot of married or otherwise involved men do seek out other women. Cheaters aren't just the only problem, it's also women causing issues. I will tell you how to deal with these issues.

I met my first problem almost immediately in the BDSM lifestyle. It didn't start off as a problem and didn't become a problem till years later which is the case for a few of them or the main ones I can remember. He wanted to mentor and protect me which I agreed to. Years later we were having a discussion which apparently his girl had an issue with. Then she basically turned threatening bitch with me. She told me that if the problem wasn't fixed, she would tell him not to talk to me anymore. Me and the guy didn't talk that much after that. I don't take kindly to bitches, especially those who butt in on a situation that isn't there's to butt into.

The next problem was in BDSM again. So I talked about this situation before but I will just give the main points. I was involved with this couple and the women was the main problem. The drama started off almost immediately. She kept telling me that I couldn't talk to the guy anymore. She also stuck her nose into the friendship of me and the guy. I ended up blocking them on everything and been warning people against them.

The next one was in sugar. I met this guy once and to my surprise this time the woman wasn't the problem this time. I was house sitting after meeting this guy and I was texting him when he started to demand that I let him come over. I told him he wasn't allowed since we only met once and this wasn't my house. He kept on demanding to get the address, I kept saying no. He finally told me that if I told him no again that it was over, so I told him no and he ended it. The most laughable thing is he told me that I would regret it and to be honest, I never have.

The most recent issue was this guy who I was friends with through all of these and he knew my issue with these people. So in two of my relationships this guy tried to get me in trouble with my partner. In one case it ruined my relationship and of course he didn't take any responsibility for it. So I blocked him, then his wife contacted me basically telling me that I made her get involved. She also accused my partner of abuse, painted me as the bad guy, and told me I was only causing drama. I blocked her too.

There was other guys who were cheating on their partners or keeping me from their partner. I blocked them and if I could have I would have told their partners. I don't take kindly to cheaters or bitches. Now there is a difference between cheating and open or poly. In open and poly everything is out in the open. In cheating it's all about lying and secrets.

Now in these types of issues just know you did nothing wrong unless you were being a bitch. If you are rude in any way, it can make the situation worse and make you the problem. The key is to try to stay calm and if you can't block or walk away, which is what you should do any way. In situations like the sugar daddy where he is forceful or demanding, report them because it could be a safety issue. You don't have to take bullshit from anyone. Now if you start the drama I can't help you and there are people who get into these situations because they started the drama.

Now I hope this helps and if you enjoyed this share and tip!

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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