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Why did you get divorced?

Marriage is too hasty, compromise trumps insistence, the result only proves a sentence "hold an unserious attitude to life, will be punished by life in the end."

By xiaohuPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

George Bernard Shaw once quipped: "If you want to get married, get married. If you want to stay single, stay single. In the end you'll all regret it."

Wilde was more pithy: "What is the chief cause of divorce? Marriage."

Well, marriage is probably the most ironic thing in the world. From the very beginning there was a paradox -- a situation in which an enduring desire led to a grudge.

So much nagging. It means: I'm divorced.

My kinsman, over thirty, divorced with a child, is no more capricious than a twenty-eight girl.

A friend advised me that men are all the same and marriages are all the same. How can you guarantee that the next one will be better?

I also have fellow travelers encourage me, is not marriage? A chicken feather is not as good as from, alive will be drizzly.

That's a good point, but it doesn't get to my heart.

What I think marriage means

I chose to divorce precisely because I have the utmost respect for marriage.

In my opinion, marriage is not the conversion of the world to see all over the world, nor is it difficult to survive the material resources under the make do, not love light affection tired of no choice will.

I always believe that marriage should be two people who agree with each other, walk the road of the same mind, a porridge a meal, a day and night, step by step, will be the initial spark of each other into a lifetime of treasure.

If the heart lost in the middle, no matter whether the form is still together, can not be called a real marriage, should reflect on is to continue or leave.

When the body is cold and the heart is exhausted, the soul must seek freedom

Some time ago colleagues dinner, talk about the divorce vortex in the treasure strong. There is no disagreement that the person who cheats hurts him or herself, but there is a lot of debate about whether to divorce the person who finds true love after marriage.

One group said: married to be responsible, which can see a love a? And how do you know this new one is true love?

The other retorts: marriage is not a bundle, nor does it guarantee lifelong love. Even if there is no new love, even if the soul is tired, there is reason to divorce. Each person in different stages of the idea and needs are different, marriage is likely to be different pace, only for the responsibility of the two words will be imprisoned for life?

I belong to the latter, laughing at the risk of being immersed in a pig cage to defend my free soul as a human being.

In the end, everyone is alone. Whether it's your partner, your children, your parents, your relatives... Will be gone from themselves. Only their own soul, always loyal to accompany the same.

If two people face each other day and night, neither intimate physical communication, nor spiritual comfort conversion, life has been boring to the only business topics of eating, drinking and dumping, even if there is no domestic violence and infidelity, how to talk about the happiness and vitality of life?

If for the sake of parents' earnest expectation not to divorce, in the unsuitable marriage of you, how to live up to the scars of their own?

If for the sake of the children's complete appeal do not divorce, wallow in the lonely torture of you, how to act a lasting perfect, to ensure that the children of a happy family demonstration?

If for the sake of their own cowardice fear not divorce, mediocre in the appearance of a sigh in you, really can make do to the old, will not regret to stay in this life?

Divorce, to leave the proper quality

I've met friends who sigh in bad marriages, and I've met neighbors who divorce smarts and start a bloody war.

I believe there is no perfect person or thing in the world. I only talk about myself.

In the face of marital crisis, the first step to do, is reflection.

If you continue, then take out the sincerity at the first sight, confide in each other, like the most intimate friends, to analyze each other's differences and differences thoroughly; Like the most trusted lover, for each other every point of exploration and change to understand and gentle. This is not the sanctity and beauty of marriage.

If you leave, then also take out the first time to see the sincerity. Put yourself in the shoes of a defeated hero who apologizes for the limitations of their time together, and like a former soldier who treasures each other after settling for the rest of their lives. One don't two wide, their own joy. This is worthy of human morality and pride.

Don't laugh at me when I'm a literary boy. Instead, it takes a lot of smoke to get there.

The more trivial, the more test a person's requirements for life and self. You are kind, will not be mercilessly trample on; If you are atmospheric, you won't haggle over pennies; You are delicate, will not be weak; If you're noble, you won't go after him.

Thank you for coming to my life

I want to say to the person who divorced me: Thank you for coming into my life. From then on, we were no longer lovers of lips and teeth, but still parently parented relatives, or at least friends who had been sincere and cherished, who had comforted hearts and feelings.

Therefore we will not be enemies, nor will we be passers-by.

That's why we put good first and the well-being of our children first.

We'll settle everything down, let the baby make a steady transition, and then we'll say goodbye. Even if they do not live together, they will still work together to support their growth and care for their happiness.

I believe that we will meet again at important moments like old friends.

That's good. That's rare. That's good.

I'm divorced.

I wish everyone a divorce.


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