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Why Are Relationships So Damn Hard?

by Trina Green 2 months ago in dating
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Tina Turner was onto something. What does love have to do with it?

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Why are relationships so damn hard? This is a question that I'm sure many people have, I have asked myself this question a thousand times. Are they so hard because of the fact that we all have so many different personalities and characteristics? Or does it have something to do with our different love languages?

Women are emotional creatures, I need to be told how much you love and care for me, how much you appreciate me, how beautiful I am and not only told. I also need to be shown that I'm loved, appreciated and cared for. I can only think of one relationship in my entire life that made me feel this way.

I wonder if men really know what women need, I wonder if it's really that hard to show or share your emotions. Many men that I have known in my lifetime had problems communicating, problems sharing how they truly felt and problems being open and honest. If you truly love someone, why is it so hard to show them, tell them and be affectionate?

I have five tips for guys to show more affection to their significant others or someone that they claim that they love.

1.Be honest with her and tell her how you really feel from the beginning. (If you only want to be friends or friends with benefits tell her and be honest, give her a fair chance to decide if that works for her as well)

2.Don't send mixed messages, if you aren't ready for a relationship tell her that. (One of the worst things you can do to a woman is have her be into you and you are not honest about your feelings for her)

3.Learn to communicate effectively with her, she is a human being with feelings and a real heart. (Don't hurt her, think about how you would want someone to treat your mother or your daughter, or your sister)

4.Tell her she is beautiful if you think she is beautiful, tell her you love her hair or her skin or whatever it is. (Genuinely love her with all your heart, don't be a sorry ass that is full of shit)

5.Be a good human being, treat her the way that you would want to be treated. (We all deserve to be treated fair, remember to treat people with love and respect. I believe in karma and what you give out will come back around to you)

I have been let down in so many ways, you put your trust in man and it will fail you every time. People will disappoint you and try to make it seem like it's all your fault or all your doing. I have learned to build emotional and mental walls to help me deal with certain areas of my life. Disappointment after disappointment, hurt after hurt.

Sometimes I honestly wonder if it's better to just be alone, not deal with the miscommunication, misunderstandings, foolishness, and not being treated the way that you desire. If you don't get involved you don't have to be bothered with it. Yes, we all need human companionship but not the headaches and heartaches that come along with it.

I'm speaking from experience, another thing that I have learned is to never pursue someone. If they are interested let them do the pursuing. One of the worst things in the world is loving someone when they don't give a damn about you. Been there and done that and never again. I will never ever again in my life pursue a man. Maybe my life would be in a better place right now if I did what I'm telling you.

It's hard loving someone and knowing that they don't give a damn about you or your wants and needs. Lesson learned and never again. We live and we learn, don't learn the hard way as I have.



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