Who Am I???

Getting Married and Losing My Identity

Who Am I???
Where has she gone???

So I lay awake in bed constantly every night because I don’t have peace of mind and my heart is unsettled. I think back to the young spirit I once knew. A strong confident woman who had so much potential to be someone.

She knew it and so did everyone surrounding her. She was soooo happy, and one day she met the perfect man... so she thought.

He was nice and so sweet. He made her laugh, and listened to her and what she had going on. In return, she listened to him and she just knew they could grow together.

So, of course, one day he became the one... they got married and started a great life together... so she thought.

Slowly, but surely, things started to change. He became someone new, introducing her to new things... things she never was exposed to before. At first it seemed like fun and it was okay, but slowly she started losing herself in the confusion and all the change. It appears he knew what he was doing and she just knew he would keep her safe on their journey. Over time, though, it became apparent to others that he was not keeping her safe, but instead putting her in harms way because he was so weak he preyed on someone he could manipulate. She stood there and took all of it in and stood strong because one thing she knew was that she was strong, that she could withstand anything that came her way. As time went on, it only gets worst and she realized that all she has is him... magically, everyone else had been pushed away. She sits now, writing, thinking back to those years, and realizing that she can’t remember too much of anything. She looks at pictures and remembers that exact moment caught on camera, but nothing else surrounding the moment, and there it is... she couldn’t find the girl she once knew, but instead she realized who she was and she has lost her in all the confusion.

The “one” came into her life and swept her off her feet for the better... so she thought.

To grow as a team, as one, but instead she gave her all to be left standing alone. She writes to you with an empty heart and looks now to get that girl back... there is a story to tell and this is only the beginning. When you lose yourself, the first thing you do is acknowledge the fact that you have lost yourself and realize it’s okay, we all lose our way—but how many can say they are strong enough to find the strength to get back what you deserve? I know this girl is...

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