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Which one will be more "desirable" in 10 years' time? Teachers compared to civil servants.

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By cly mumfordPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Which one will be more "desirable" in 10 years' time? Teachers compared to civil servants.
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Nowadays, the employment situation in China is very serious, many university students can not find a stable job after graduation, which is also a big problem in our society today, as the iron rice bowl jobs of teachers and civil servants have become the hot jobs nowadays, these two positions are very high social status, welfare benefits are also very good.

It is because of the benefits of these two jobs that many people have a strong interest in them, although these two jobs are representatives of stable jobs, it is very difficult to get, especially civil servants are very difficult to test, it is simply a thousand horses across the one-way bridge, can be in the minority.

It is reported that in 2020, the state recruited only 25,700 civil servants, but the number of applicants is as high as 1.57 million, from these visual data we can easily see the degree of this job sought after, in contrast, the difficulty of applying for teachers is relatively small, although the number of applicants is also a lot, but also the number of admissions, is a popular occupation.

It is for this reason that many people will say that since both belong to the iron rice bowl, salary and treatment are similar, and teachers also have a higher chance of landing than civil servants, it is the choice to take the teacher, but in reality, are the two exactly equal? Not, the gap between these two positions is very large, believe it or not, you can look at the changes after 10 years, the two development is very different.

Which is more desirable in 10 years, teachers or civil servants?

In terms of social status, civil servants have a much higher social status than teachers

Although these two positions seem to have the same social status now, 10 years later, the gap between the two gradually emerged, then we will find that the social status of civil servants is much higher than that of teachers, the social status of teachers and civil servants compared to poor, the reason for such a situation is very simple.

Civil Servants

That is because teachers mostly face parents and students, and civil servants are different, for a broader range, on the contrary, the team of teachers after the growth of some teacher's misconduct caused the netizens hot debate, so the social status of teachers has declined, is also a major reason.

In terms of pay, civil servants are more desirable than teachers

As we all know, the state has certain norms for teachers' and civil servants' salaries, that is, teachers' salaries must not be lower than those of civil servants, such a provision is undoubtedly a recognition of the teaching profession, but is such a provision implemented? Certainly, some places have implemented it, but most provinces and cities in the country still do not implement this policy.

This shows that teachers are not comparable to civil servants in terms of salary, and over time, netizens will find that civil servants have good benefits and a wide range of allowances that teachers cannot enjoy, which is why people say that in 10 years, civil servants will be more desirable than teachers.

In terms of workload, civil servants have a smaller workload than teachers

Civil servants, as public employees in China, are arranged by government departments to do their daily work, and their workload is relatively fixed, they rarely work overtime and go to work on time.

From the point of view of workload, civil servants have less workload than teachers, very easy, so in this regard, the gap between the two is also very big, 10 years later, naturally, civil servants are relatively more popular.

Not only these aspects but also many aspects, teachers are far inferior to civil servants, so does this mean that the teaching profession is undesirable? Of course not, there are many advantages to the teaching profession, so let's look at them together below.

The desirable aspects of the teaching profession

Although compared with civil servants, the teaching profession is relatively backward, compared with other professions, it still has a great advantage, it is also China's education business essential existence, for our country to train several excellent talents, for the cause of education has made a great contribution, only those who engaged in this industry know the value of this industry.

With two long holidays a year, you can take advantage of these two holidays to do something you like to do

The most enviable thing about the teaching profession is that it has two long summer and winter holidays, which means that it has more than two months of rest, which is a great blessing for people in other professions.

A sense of satisfaction from teaching the world

As a teacher, your main duty is to teach and nurture people, and to nurture groups of talented people. When these talented people are all over the world, teachers are very satisfied, which is something that civil servants and other professionals cannot have.

Teachers are freer, more flexible, more interesting, and less boring

As a teacher, you don't have to abide by many bad habits. Not only is your job more flexible and interesting, but most importantly, you can go wherever you want during your holidays, which is something that civil servants cannot compare with.

Teaching is a good career, but not for everyone

Impatient people are not suitable for teaching

As a teacher, patience is a must. Whether they are primary, secondary, or high school students, they are not very mature in their thinking, experience, and all aspects of their character, and need to be taught by their teachers, if they are not patient, the children will be traumatized inside, so people without patience are not suitable to be teachers.

People without a sense of responsibility are not suitable for teaching

A teacher's duty is to teach and educate people, at the very least they must have teaching rigor and knowledge accuracy, in addition to this, they need to be extra caring for their students, if a teacher has no sense of responsibility, not only will they miss out on teaching, they will also lack care for their students, this is the worst, so this type of person is not suitable to become a teacher.

A person who is bursting with negative energy is not conducive to healthy student development

Teachers are a vibrant, sunny profession, they take on the responsibility of teaching and educating people, if the teacher is bursting with negative energy, the transmission to the students will also be negative energy, very detrimental to the healthy development of students, therefore the profession of teaching negative energy bursting people are not suitable.

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