Where Does It Go Wrong?

Changing Relationships

Where Does It Go Wrong?

So, this is a topic that I am sure a lot of you are curious about. A lot of us, if not most or all of us have had relationships that start out so great, but then turn into this tortuous hurt and pain.

You try and figure out what is the deal and why it has turned out so bad. But, there is nothing that you can think of as to why it is like that.

I recently went through a breakup. I have been through a few but this one has really made me realize what goes wrong.

In the beginning, everyone is getting to know one another. You are finding out that person's favorite color or food. You are asking them what they like to do and they tell you.

But then, after a couple of months, there is less talking. There is less physical communication. There is less of everything. So, this is what I have figured out and I hope it makes sense to all of you...

People simply lose interest.

The person that they thought they wanted at the beginning of this relationship ends up being the total opposite.

I think this happens because of a few different factors.

One is age! Depending on the age of the person you are dating, they may not be mature enough to take on a responsible and serious relationship. They may have not gotten out all of the fun they needed in their lifetime of their 20's.

Another is things change in what they actually want.

When I started dating this man back in January, he told me he was serious and that he seen a future with me. He wanted kids, etc. It turns out that within the past two weeks, he changed his mind about having those kids. It would be nice for an individual to not change their mind, but it does happen.

No relationship is ever going to be perfect. And, you may go through a few before you find that perfect one. But, the important thing to remember is to not give up on yourself.

I am not going to lie and say I haven't gotten down because I have. But, I always put in my mind that there is someone out there that does want the same things as me.

The same goes to you, too! It may not be now, or 6 months from now, but you will find your soulmate. You will find that person that fits you and that won't lose interest. They will be there forever.

And, it will be love!

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