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When you reach middle age, you are not doing well and you don't want to work, you can switch to these 5 types of business

5 industry businesses that will support your family

By cly mumfordPublished 2 years ago 13 min read
When you reach middle age, you are not doing well and you don't want to work, you can switch to these 5 types of business
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In recent years, the workplace has become increasingly youthful, with many traditional and start-up companies recruiting young people, which is a good thing, but in return, middle-aged people are increasingly unpopular.

When you reach middle age, especially after the age of 45, if you are still not in management, there is the possibility of jumping ship, and no company wants people of that age. To be honest, if you are still looking for a job after the age of 45, even if you don't want social security, a lower salary, or, even any benefits, they won't want you.

For most middle-aged workers, their energy and stamina are no longer comparable to that of young people, and for middle-aged people, the older they get, the more likely it is that a mid-life crisis will occur.

It seems that there is a law in society that after the age of 45, there seem to be only three careers available: security, cleaning, and babysitting. But most security guards and housekeepers earn less than 3,000 a month, and nannies, although better paid, may be momaybeuous and less suitable for middle-aged people.

There is even a saying in the workplace that if you want to scold, scold those middle-aged people because they have an old man and a young woman underneath them, so they dare not quit their jobs anyway.

My relative, Wang, works in an institution and is responsible for its logistics management. Although he is a contract worker, he works actively and conscientiously and the institution will not fire him for no reason.

He had worked in this institution for 20 years because there were no performance requirements for the institution, as many companies now have performance requirements for their employees.

Although his salary was not high, he was married and had a wife and children, and his wife also had a job, so he and his wife shared the burden of raising a family.

At first, Wang thought his job was very good and others envied him for his work, thinking that he was working in an institution and that not only was his job stable, but his family was also very happy.

Middle-aged people

But as time went on and Lao Wang got older, he increasingly found himself in a state of muddling through, but he was old enough to think that he would get paid every month anyway, and as long as he made it to retirement, he could still receive a large pension, but to his surprise, he encountered a career crisis this year.

In February this year, a new leader was transferred to their company. As the saying goes, when a new official assumes office, he sets a series of goals for the future development of the company.

The leader is only 30 years old, more than a dozen years younger than Wang, Wang felt that although he is an employee, at least is also the company's older, more senior employees, thinking that the leadership how to say will respect him, will not make things difficult for him, so every day still do nothing to live the day of work.

Although Lao Wang does not have to work performance, he used to be late every day, giving people a very bad impression, but the previous leadership of Lao Wang is not much to ask, turn a blind eye to let Lao Wang muddle through the line. But not anymore, because with the new leader, all the company's rules and regulations have changed, and the first and most important one is not to be late for work.

Not only was Old Wang late, but he was also almost half an hour late every time before he clocked in, but he thought to himself that he was an old employee anyway, so it was fine even if he was late. Because the new leader was not as senior as he was, he did not dare to make things difficult for him.

At the end of the month, Lao Wang's performance ranked the bottom, but he did not take it seriously, thinking that he was an old employee, the leader did not dare to do anything to him, but what he did not expect was that the next afternoon, Lao Wang was suddenly called to the office by the leader to ask for separation.

He felt that although he was old, he had a lot of work experience and it was not a problem to find another job, but after he was dismissed, he always hit a wall when looking for a job, either because of his low salary or because people thought he was old. After more than a year of muddling through, he still hasn't found a suitable job yet.

Many people in the workplace will encounter the situation of being unemployed and wanting to re-enter the workforce, but it is simply more difficult for people to find a new job in their middle age.

However, when people reach middle age, even if they are unemployed and want to go back to work, they do not have to look for a job and go to work for a company, they can change their thinking and do a small business, which may earn more than a month of work.

What happened to my relative Lao Wang was partly due to his reasons and partly due to the external environment, but there is one undeniable fact that when people reach middle age, instead of lowering their prices to sell cheap labour, they should use their experience and work for themselves, which is the ultimate way out.

Especially after the age of 45, if the mix is very poor, even in the workplace has no room for upward mobility, at any time face the risk of being dismissed from the hair, at this time, it is better to switch to do this 5 industry business, small investment, low cost, and free time, but also to support the family. Very suitable for middle-aged unemployed people.


Do snacks

As the saying goes, "food is the sky", In the current society, the most interesting is to eat. With the rise of the street stall economy, many cities have morning and night markets, and the food stalls that were driven out of business have returned to the streets and traffic intersections.

There was once an older woman who was able to earn 30,000 a month selling doughnuts just around the business district, angrily scolding the young white-collar worker, "I earn 30,000 a month and I'm still short of a tea egg for you." There is also an aunt who sells tea eggs at the entrance of the underground and earns 400,000 a year to buy a house for her son, who is a civil servant, to marry his wife.

Do snacks, with stalls or open shop form, can be, because the cost of snacks is low, and does not require too much money, as long as you know how to do snacks with certain local characteristics can, even if you do not know how to do snacks, if you are determined to do snacks, you can carry out special training, and then do it yourself after the hands.

In many big cities snack shops, people are lining up to buy almost every day, although the profit of doing snack business is relatively low, as long as the daily sales are kept at a high

Even if you don't have enough money, you can still do snacks, because everyone has this immediate need to eat. If you can cook, you can open a local snack bar, go back to the street, or go downtown and specialize in selling snacks. You can start with popular snacks, such as stinky tofu and grilled gluten.

These snacks are low cost and very easy to operate, especially as the ground stall economy has finally given small traders the status of a legitimate ground stall selling snacks, and they no longer have to worry about being evicted by city authorities. There are two main aspects of snacking that can be developed in the long term: capital and craft.

The snack business also has a fast turnover of capital, and the cost of running the business is greatly reduced, so the longer the business is seen from a long-term perspective, the greater the benefits will be.

If you have enough money, you can set up a stall or open a shop; but the most crucial thing is the craft. The most important reason why many people like snacks now are that they have left their hometowns, and the only way to miss their hometowns is by tasting hometown snacks.


Opening a community mini-supermarket

Many people are familiar with supermarkets, for example, many people buy or rent a house close to a supermarket, which shows how important they are to people's daily lives.

However, many people may not know much about community supermarkets. As the name suggests, community supermarkets are small in size, some even have only a few square meters, and these community supermarkets mainly deal with cigarettes, beer, mineral water, and other beverages. The main customer group is also the residents of the community.

These community supermarkets are inexpensive, about the same as the market price, but the cost of setting up a community supermarket is not too high, within 100,000 yuan.

If you find that there are no small supermarkets around the community that has only just emerged, then you can take action and hurry to find a storefront to set up. There are many wholesale channels for goods, so you can go to the local wholesale center to purchase, do a good job of service, and earn more money in a month than with a part-time job.

Now many people know that opening a shop is a very simple matter, but the most important thing is to choose a good location, if it is to open a supermarket, for many individuals entrepreneurship is relatively difficult, even if it is to join the supermarket, the required franchise fee is not less.

In this case, only to open a small community supermarket, the human and material costs required are not much, basically to the need to shop rent and wholesale material costs can be, and two or three people can be managed, usually do not need to buy goods, only one person can watch the shop. For unemployed middle-aged people, it is very suitable to open a community mini-market.


Affinity rental shops

It may be a new term for many people, but in response to the current trend of aging in rural areas, the industry is very promising when it comes to opening an affectionate rental shop that specialises in serving the elderly in rural areas.

As the name suggests, kinship-for-hire, services are also related to kinship. The main services of the project generally include two aspects, one is to rent out temporary family members to chat with the elderly, eat, help them pass the time, and relieve their loneliness and isolation; the second is to provide temporary services, such as grocery shopping, cooking, shopping, accompanying to medical appointments, escorting and so on.

Unlike other industries, relatives' rental shops have a physical office address and can rent a fixed frontage, have basic office supplies such as a telephone and a desk, and then recruit a certain number of staff and open for business.

This is somewhat like a real estate agent's sales shop, where the staff employed can work away from home, but are on call for any needs.

For aspiring middle-aged people, opening an affinity rental shop is a very good option, as ageing hangings have been one of the most important social issues in our country. Since the introduction of family planning, the number of elderly people has been increasing, and as time goes by, the first batch of only children born under family planning have stood on the cusp of society, facing many pressures on their careers, lives and futu, res.

It is difficult to spare time for their own parents, even if they want to take care of them. But now that we are an ageing society, the elderly, like children, need to be cared for, and especially in this age of missing affection, it makes sense to open an affection rental shop to give your love to the elderly and get paid accordingly.

As a middle-aged person, it is not difficult to set up an affectionate rental shop. First of all, you should rent a permanent shop, and the employees should be mainly women. During the interview, you should fully assess the affinity of the employees, whether they can take care of the elderly, etc.

The main job of the employee is to take care of the elderly, as well as business development. In terms of fees, you can charge by the day or by the hour, adjusting the fees according to the items, length of time and difficulty of thee-service.

Middle-aged people open affinity rental shops, iand t is best to be their own boss, and then hire employees, it is best to hire female employees, here is not gender discrimination, no than men, women are more wishing to get close to the elderly, women have natural sympathy, so that they want to take the initiative to comfort and chat in the face of the lonely elderly, to know between the elderly and women, can form a kind of goodwill cycle, so that affinity to get the maximum purpose of embodied.


Do the three agricultural live broadcast

When it comes to live-streaming, if put ten years ago, many people may feel very strange, but if put now, it has become a fashion.

For example, Li Ziqi, who is now on the internet platform, is the beauty who made the "Chinese style food video" and took the world by storm.

Li ZiQi started making these videos because she was forced to do so by life, and she chose to film her daily life in the countryside, which she was most familiar with.

Because of the exquisite composition and the leisurely pace of life, her videos are more like an idyllic documentary and are loved by many netizens.

From building bread kilns, making bamboo furniture, literary treasures, making clothes, to roasting the whole sheep, making, wine, and brewing soy sauce ...... In short, there is nothing Li Ziqi can't make.

Middle-aged people, if unemployed can also three farmers live, some middle-aged people come from the countryside to the city to work for decades, the future, whether they resign, or passive separation, may continue to stay in the city to find a job to live.

This is true, but it is a bit of a waste of talent, becase now there is a common perception that it seems that those who play the Internet are young people, and those who enter the office are white-collar elite class. In facThismisconception. Nowadays, farmers can also go online and love it even more.

There are more and more farmers who go online to do business in the field of agriculture. Some of them introduce the agricultural products they grow to others, while others share their farming life with others.

In the era of live streaming, as long as there is a mobile phone, everyone can share their lives to the outside world.


Do home appliance recycling

When it comes to recycling, many people may be dismissive, thinking that recycling is not considered a job and can't pull their weight to do it. When you hear it, you will have an image of an old man dressed in rags, pedalling a tricycle pedaling the streets.

There are many different types of recycling, such as paper recycling, appliance recycling, and high-end furniture recycling. Many people refuse to be in the recycling industry because they are influenced by the bad impression of traditional recycling of waste products, but nowadays recycling of waste products is not the same as before.

In the past, recycling was mainly about cardboard boxes, cartons, scrap iron, plastic drums and, cans. Nowadays, there is a much wider range of waste products, such as home appliances, furniture, electronic products, and vehicles, especially home appliances.

Many middle-aged people, after losing their jobs, will choose to do recycling of used appliances. First of all, let's look at the price of recycling used appliances, like flea markets, recycling scrap and r, and ecycling shops that recycle appliances, always pick out the various defects of used appliances and other ways to reduce the recycling price so as to make a low price.

Nowadays, many used appliances are recycled at prices that are often pressed down to less than a hundred dollars, which means that a used appliance can be recycled at a cost of a few tens of dollars.

Some people also say that appliance trade-ins are also very good value, and that yu can usually recycle an appliance for a few hundred dollars. And there are times when you can go for appliance recycling when some supermarkets will do old appliance recycling at a lower price.

Put another way, many businesses trade away your home appliances with gimmicks and resell them to some shops that are them. Many people say that you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year doing home recycling, about which is le too but it is harder work and requires a constant stream of large numbers of used appliances to support it.

There are two ways to do home appliance recycling, one is through online recycling, the other is through offline recycling, and then the secondary processing of recycled appliances for sale to earn the price difference, price difference will also have a good income.

Many young people work in big cities and sometimes buy small appliances, such as the most common refrigerators, washing machines, etc

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