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What Should I Do If My Boyfriend Likes Other Girls' Instagram Pictures?

Anyone who has a partner is familiar with how it feels when their boyfriend likes other girls' Instagram photos. What do you do about it, though?

By berry liPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

We have all encountered situations where a boyfriend liked the photos of other girls on Instagram, whether you caught him in the act or came across a post your boyfriend liked. This can come across as a slap in the face. It may even feel like micro-cheating in some circumstances, but is it?

Everything hinges on your relationship with your boyfriend, him, and even the other girl. In order to understand this strange modern-day dating issue, take a deep breath before you panic and continue reading.

Why your boyfriend likes other girls’ pictures on Instagram

Most relationships begin without ever talking about rules or regulations, especially when it comes to social media. We know what cheating is, but can you cheat through social media? Even with something as small as a “like”?

Well, that is up to you. You need to decide if the tap of a heart means more than what it is. But, first, talk to your boyfriend.

Does he enjoy seeing everyone's photos? He might simply throw things away as Oprah does with vehicles. It might only be him being courteous, nothing more. Perhaps he believes that by liking everyone's photos, he will receive more likes. However, is he really like a girl's photos if she isn't even following him? These kinds of issues are what make anything challenging.

Let him provide his point first, then draw your own judgments. Even though he might be lying, you should still give him a chance on social media. No one can fully understand the peculiarities of this planet. We are all still learning about it, and things are always changing.

All the reasons he likes other girls’ pictures on Instagram

Other than just liking everyone’s photos, let’s look at the reasons why he might be liking other girls’ pictures on Instagram. These aren’t excuses, but they can explain something that is making you upset without having to get into an argument.

That sounds good, doesn't it? Before you accuse him of being unfaithful or disregarding your feelings, think about these...

1. He's good.

He might only be a decent man who exchanges likes. Some folks simply enjoy whatever they see. It doesn't really mean much.

He might just like everything on social media if he doesn't give it much attention. He might not be the same as you evaluate whether a post truly earns your much-desired like. That is something to consider.

2. He finds her attractive.

He is not being evasive or shady; he just thinks she is attractive and likes her photo. He thinks she's hot and he enjoys it whether she is someone he knows, an Instagram model, or just any random person. That's it. Nothing else or less is known about the circumstances.

3. He’s not thinking about it

Like many guys who like other girls’ pictures of Instagram, he may not even be thinking.

He does not consider that you might be upset or that you even see his activities online. He is mindlessly scrolling and not putting much, if any, thought into it.

4. He doesn’t think you’d care

He literally doesn’t see the big deal so he just does it. Why would you care? It is a like on social media. He doesn’t see it as cheating so he doesn’t get why you would. Yes, he is assuming, and that should follow up with a conversation, but he wasn’t trying to hurt you.

5. His ex didn’t care

If he was in a relationship before where he constantly liked other girls’ pictures on Instagram and it wasn’t a problem, he didn’t foresee it being one now.

It isn’t that he assumes you and his ex are the same, he just didn’t consider it would be an issue when it is something he is used to doing.

6. He doesn’t care

If you like hot guys’ pictures on Instagram, he couldn’t care less, so he doesn’t get why you would when the situation is reversed.

Sure, you aren’t the same person but he doesn’t see it that way. If he doesn’t care, neither should you. Are you doing something wrong when you like a guy’s photo?

7. He doesn’t see a problem

He is basing a potential problem on his intentions, not the outcome. You know how guys always say, “I didn’t mean to hurt you,” or, “I didn’t intend to hurt you?” He doesn’t see a problem because he had no intention of following up on the like.

He wasn’t going to comment, DM, or talk to this girl. Your boyfriend liking a girl’s picture on Instagram wasn’t about hurting you, so he doesn’t see the problem.

8. He’s trying to catch her eye

If they’re following each other on Instagram, chances are, they may just be friends. But if you see your boyfriend regularly liking pictures of some random girl on Instagram who isn’t following him back *and she isn’t really an Instagram celebrity*, this is when you have a very valid reason to confront your boyfriend and ask him to explain himself.

Now, why would he regularly like some random girl’s pictures or drop comments when they don’t even know each other in real life? He may have an excuse here, but usually, the only reason here is him trying to get to know her better.

If you notice your boyfriend likes other girls’ pictures on Instagram, you need to talk about it. Stalking his activity and resenting him for it will not help.


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