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What's the Best Site Like Backpage? Here Comes the Recommendation as Backpage Alternatives

A huge portion of individuals who relied on Backpage have since gone for a treasure hunt to find its alternative. The good news is that, we have them already and you do not need to look for them anymore.

By CathyPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

There are all sorts of dating sites at our disposal nowadays and they keep growing in numbers by the day. However, we have some great sites that have since been shut down due to separate reasons. Backpage is a great example of those sites that have been pulled down leaving many nostalgically wishing for their come back.

Here Come the Sites Like Backpage as Alternatives?

A huge portion of individuals who relied on Backpage have since gone for a treasure hunt to find its alternative. The good news is that, we have them already and you do not need to look for them anymore. One of the alternative sites is and there are still some other popular ones like reviewed by

Much like Backpage, these sites have taken over the online dating game to a whole better level. They both boast of having millions of subscribers and the numbers rise higher with every minute. The best thing is that they have improved their features thus making them even better than the former. This would be much more convenient for members just like you to find an NSA hookup within a short time frame. So if you are seeking hard for sites just like Backpage for hookup, then you don’t have to look elsewhere. These recommended sites can definitely meet your requirements. And there are even different niches to meet your different needs based on That’s to say that you have even more choices than before.

What Makes These Sites Better than the Others?

The sites have more features than Backpage; these features include chat rooms, live video chats, and real time updates on users online at any particular moment. These features have created tractions to these sites since casual dating needs to happen with that much ease.

Chat rooms for examples, creates some informal confinements to include all those that share certain unique interests, thus pulling them together, and making it easy to find a hookup. There are also private chat rooms and albums thus enhancing privacy and making it your obligation to decide who sees what or knows what you are up to.

Despite its popularity, Backpage had similar features with Craigslist making them ambiguous in their intentions. These could have been the reason they went down. However, or have zeroed on casual dating niche. No one looks for anything other than casual dates on these sites. This makes it perfect and straightforward.

With the recent rise in cases of cyber-crimes and cyber-bullying, these sites have heightened their policies to safeguard their customers. Routines checkups are conducted to get rid of fake accounts and scammers on the site, making it safer and secure.

Lastly, these sites encompass what is modern and what is trending. All those laid back and dull dating notions have been locked out. for example, one does not need to feel misjudged for just living their lives without letting emotions guide them like in the old days. These sites allow everyone to embrace and take control of their sexuality without prejudice or condemnation. This is what has helped the sites gain followers mostly the young and free spirited generation that understands the meaning of YOLO, you only live once.


Dating is fun and it is more fun to casually do it before actually making the decision to tie the knot. Since Backpage is no more, you are left to go with its alternative and the better part of this is that, the alternatives are even better. They are more than just casual dating site; they will make you forget that Backpage is gone. There are way better options just out there for you.


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