What Love Is

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What Love Is
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Do you know what love is? How it really feels? Do you know when you really truly love someone? Have you ever been in love? So many questions and just the same just as many answers. Love isn't just a feeling, its way more; a glow, a smile, trust, loyalty, honesty, a best friend even, All these things are what makes up love, and in a relationship, these are the most important aspects of it. You can never get into a relationship and question everything about your partner or about yourself, all, because you guys put a label on it, doesn't mean things have to change. Kid these days take relationships for granted and don't realize relationships back then were completely different than today's generation.

During WW11 women would get with a man who is in the military, never knowing what will happen next, if they come back and if they do come back will they be the same?. Back then women fought for their rights and their say but what kids don't understand at one point before they stood up for themselves they would just be a housewife, a girlfriend who would do anything and everything for their man without any questions. Men would beat women and the women would be too afraid to talk but today, women beat back and some for self-defense others; the women is the abusive one in the relationship. No one understands two to three different generations have expanded relationships completely different.

Today, our generation doesn't have the very best track records of relationships. You see all over social media celebrities and basketball players married, in a relationship, etc. but then you also see the chesting, the lying, secrets, and everything that happens in their personal life exposed in magazines and on national television. Relationships back then did not do that, they had more respect for themselves than that, and more respect for their relationships. There are movies made representing back in WW11 about love stories and how it was; the Longest Ride.

As many know the longest ride is a romantic movie of two completely opposite people and yet their love conquers their differences. During he movie, it is then sidetracked of a man telling his story of him and his wife, how they were so different but yet their love and loyalty for one another is what made them last till she parted. Love has always been taken for granted, and sometimes others never got to know what it feels like to love and be loved. Many pople in this world et to have love in their life than fewer people, to know that the person you love and spending your life with was created just for you is beautiful.

Relationships are what bring women and men together, what makes each other connect and feel passion. I believe that it doesn't matter who you are and what you are, being in love with whoever you want to be with is the best gift you can ask for. Men are not made for just women and women are not made for just men in my deepest opinion. This generation many children go everyday without the feeling of being loved and don't know how to love, its sad and depressing because every person in this world deserves love. Money doesn't buy happiness and it doesn't buy love, love buys beauty, happiness, and a fulfill life of many adventures coming in your way in the future.

Be happy, love is the not something to take advantage of, but to cherish and appreciate your significant other with all your heart. Children need love too, never forget too much love is enough love. Its more than perfect to have it constantly, thats how it should be.

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