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What kind of marriage is necessary to divorce?

by xiaohu 2 months ago in divorce
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Divorce nearly a year, said after the divorce of life after the divorce and daughter moved into oneself buy a house before marriage transition, their full buy apartment after marriage also make a room, prepared for a while and daughter moved to an apartment, then home remodeling, open more comfortable life this year how to say, the very happy, to work, After supper every day with the one lap daughter lake, see flower just buy a bunch of back swinging, climbing over the weekend, see a play, or driving around one lap, daughter is like my little tail, and followed me everywhere, character is very cheerful, for mom and dad separated from the fact that she also understood and accepted, now found no ill effects. No one will quarrel with me for trifles, no longer for the sink when to wash the bowl, how to put things, whether there is dust on the ground and so on and so on sesame mung bean size things affect the mood, what they want to do, what they want to do, long lost freedom. There are less things to worry about in life, and the mood is better. I feel that my sleep is better and my skin is better. In short, I am not so haggard and beautiful. About feelings, there are two suitors, the condition is good also, never married, a same age with me, a 4 years younger than me, but are not ready to into the next relationship, because too enjoy now state, although once or twice will feel like a bit lonely, but on the whole is free, along with the gender, comfortable, compared with the life now, Occasionally lonely, no matter about the economy, but more easily than before, I a person in charge of three food and drink before him, now only need to responsible for yourself and daughter overhead, do take it easy, so a little bit reduced workload, let oneself can more time to rest, and more time with my daughter. My cat follows us, which is another way to be a family of three. Ex-husband, regret, he began to recover the divorce, and even began to learn to cook, to pick up daughter from school, and bought me flowers, do a lot more than four years in the marriage never do, but I don't need it, I refused, he advances and retrieve heart no waves, very not easy to pick out the pit of fire, there is no reason to jump back flatly. Now what I want to do most is to make money, give myself more confidence, give my daughter a better life. Here for the original answer - - hand -- -- -- cut -- - yesterday, just divorce, married in 2016, has experienced five years before marriage of love distance, have emotional foundation, each other the best age to the other party, and in more than four years later, we together for nearly ten years ~ yesterday calm to deal with the divorce, children raised by me, He can come to see his children at any time, and I do not limit his contact with the children, there is no denying that he still loves the children very much, I once thought to live like this for the children, but maybe I am a selfish mother, I think I can't sacrifice the rest of my life for the children, I just want to cut my losses and be happy in time... Now think about it, actually before marriage have signs will go today this step, we through, he was affected by education is to enjoy life, a life but for decades, happy is the most important, namely parents hand holding the baby in my heart, that married for so many years I didn't even know how much his salary, but he just enough to spend, my spending in the home, However, he is still behind my back loan more than 300 thousand recharge game! Yes, the top up game! During the period of his loan, in addition to my own work, I also had to take over the business of the online store at night and packed it up until 2,3 a.m., which was a common thing. For a long time, I suffered from severe sleep deprivation and hair loss... However, he just quit his job because he couldn't get up and the working place was too far away. These did not have any immediate divorce, let us help he finished loans, he no longer prepaid phone games, I also said, can not go to work, then we exchange, I only need him to answer the child in the afternoon, at ordinary times don't criticise us blind bb into (he feel a slight obsessive-compulsive disorder, tilt the table, children eat chip crumbs off the ground he would struggle for a long time, always say... ...). And I am very casual that ~ after dirty wipe good, there is no need for this little quarrel...... What's more, he doesn't need to do anything. I also send the children to class in the morning. What he has to do is to pick up the dishes after school and dinner, and then put them in the dishwasher... Yes, he felt very wronged because of this, and even magnified to think that "I do all the housework in this family"... It didn't get us divorced... Really the root cause of the divorce, it may be unable to control his ~ I'm pregnant, he is really good, do, that I even grateful to marry the right person ~ can be confined during, I cracked because pain from the extreme to cry, he stood there and looked at me coldly, light 1: mother is so great, how do you so thing... On this word, let me remember today, clearly remember the feeling at that time, suddenly cold, wanted to kill him...... May it sowed the seed in my heart, I began to intentionally or unintentionally for their own lives more ~ so I did not become a full-time mother, but kept on working, but in his eyes, my work is my f * * k with in ~ (my friend and I opened a home stay facility partnership entrepreneurship), entrepreneurial didn't ask him for a penny, he has been entangled with the source of money, I say it's online store on deposit and my savings before marriage, He wouldn't believe it... Because of this matter we quarreled many times, I don't think there is anything worth quarreling about, quarreled in the exciting place, he started, men and women strength disparity I can feel ~ although I tried to resist, still can not escape ~ this is the first time...... May I to save face after the good is not secret, he tasted the sweet and warm time gradually began to five times with me ~ the last time I eyes bloodshot, his feet chuai, everywhere is the lump ~ this time I also like make a determined effort, into his leg with a key, and then go to the hospital examination, go to the police station for the record ~ may heart is dead, To cause this calm after his parents always scold him in front of me, begged me to forgive him and his parents is really good to me, no one else family in-law problems, plus the child still small, again I compromise ~ until the outbreak period, he drank too much wine, in my daughter's birthday on the same day, dumped her several slap, daughter didn't do, only is quiet sit still watching TV, Was suddenly play ~ I was in the bath, heard crying ran out, he said, pointing to day denies it, until I dig out home monitoring screen, he didn't have nothing to say to the daughter was three years old, so young ~ he promised never to drink ~ I said to him, this is the last chance but he didn't take long to drink many, drunk driving out of the car accident, and lost a lot of money, but also in... Every time he drank, I couldn't sleep at home, for fear of something happening. Sure enough, a week ago, he drank too much again. When he came back, he smashed the glass everywhere in the house. I called his parents and my parents came to his parents to the first, he accused me in front of his parents don't go home all day break home stay facility and so on ~ ~ no matter kids have to cat (children in addition to need him to answer it, everything else is I do, as for the cat, is he asked me if I want to bring back, I just brought back, the original has been kept in the home stay facility), also called my family... By the way, the hit thing, he is the master of the monitoring pulled out first, so I doubt whether he really drunk ~ my parents come after, he change before the appearance of swearing, crying, so I looked at him coldly looking at ~ said he hasn't seen drunk not for so many years, has never been drunk out of control, all because of me, and I together is out of control... The day I will pick up the luggage is moved out ~ since I told her so, that I let him good ~ yesterday, after a week we divorce, have a dinner party to the marriage, I can't say I no problem, I admit that I haven't play the woman, can't just fall in love with playing ~ I unknowingly become an iron lady ~ and he, He needs a wife who is gentle and sweet, who adores and admires him, and I can't give him... He needs a leech on to his woman, and I need a close man ~ we also stubborn, and two people who would not bend, how can you go to the last ~ can clearly before I was the little woman let us into today ~ ~ time along the way, although have regret but without regret, at least I have such a lovely daughter is decent ~ ~ at least leave


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