What It's Really Like Dating "The Bad Boy"

by Danielle McLean 2 years ago in dating

This is the guy your parents tried to warn you about...

What It's Really Like Dating "The Bad Boy"

At least one point in every woman's life, she has dated/slept with a stereotypical "bad boy". I feel like nowadays a "bad boy" is actually just a "fuck boy".

Things that used to immediately classify a "bad boy" as just were tattoos or piercings, smoking, and grunge music. All of these attributes have become so common, they basically now make you an oversensitive hipster.

Regardless of the name, the "bad boy" is seriously fun. This stage in your life is a rollercoaster that you don't want to stop riding. Literally. The sex with this man is more than likely the MAIN reason you are still kicking around. That or the emotional back and forth drama that mimics all those romances you watch on TV.

These "bad boys" have a knack for driving us insane but reeling us back in. Is it because of his cool, calm "whatever" attitude that makes us DIE for his attention? Why is he so cool? There are so many things about him that you usually hate or are not attracted to. But he somehow pulls it off.. and he pulls it off very well.

Is it because your parents cannot stand his "uniqueness"? His tight ripped jeans, leather jacket, beanie (that goes along well with his gross smoking habit). There is something about your parents disapproval that makes you wet. It is almost as if because we are told "no" it makes us want to scream "YES". Every mom and dad want you to find a nice boy but reality is, sometimes the nice guys are BORING. The "bad boy" is showing you the time of your life right now even if it does mean spending a Wednesday morning hungover at work. Who doesn't do shots of Jameson on a Tuesday- am I right?

We don't really know exactly what it is because we don't even know who the hell he is...

He hides behind some persona and refuses to let you in. He is "too cool" to show emotion so you never actually know how he feels. He has the emotion of a rock but you feel determined to crack him.

Thus the games begin.

Want to know what games he is playing?

Well he is probably: Mr. I Have An Excuse For Everything.

He probably doesn't answer you 50% of the time and will not message you first (unless it is 9:30pm and his dick alarm is going off).

Oh, he didn't answer your text/call for 2 or 3 days? Oh, he didn't even tell you why he did that? Or he gave you some lame "my phone has been dead" excuse? Typical.

Oh, he blew you off to party with the boys? Even though you had plans first? Then gets mad when YOU get mad. HA. Classic Saturday night.

Whatever it is, you get mad but somehow always forgive him.

"Baby, you're being crazy!" - no, no, no. Not today Satan. YOU are the crazy one. Crazy for toying with my emotions day in and day out. Dating the "bad boy" is exhausting. Absolutely draining. The constant wondering what he is doing, where he is, is he being good, will he bail on plans, he is sleeping with 100000000 other girls... He is unpredictable and unreliable and it sucks. It simply just sucks.

And while the "bad boy" always seems to make you want more and more, you need to know when to walk away for the sake of your mental health. Recognize it clearly is a silly phase.

Leave it as "well this was fun" and take it as a lesson learned.

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