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What Is The Need For A True Relationship — Attraction Or Understanding?

by SATHI 7 months ago in love
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Let’s try to find out how to build genuine relationships with our friends and partner!

What Is The Need For A True Relationship — Attraction Or Understanding?
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

In modern society, making friends, hanging out with them, getting into relationships — all the things are like 2 minutes noodles. We all want to make friends, like to involve in relationships as being a social animal we can’t live or stay alone. And It is a very natural thing as a human being to have friends or a partner to be there for us.

But sometimes we choose people out of nothing, just out of mere attraction, or to make our life entertaining or exciting — be it a friendship or just a casual relationship. But are not we sinning with our life or with our own emotions and feelings?

Because this should not be the actual meaning of a relationship, right?

Sometimes, we connect with people just to reduce our frustration or to relax our minds. That usually comes from our daily activities like difficulties in our careers or jobs. We often get involved with a person out of boredom — it is nothing but to take advantage of that person.

Nowadays, we choose our friends or partners based on their social media status. We like people, make friends just by clicking their profile picture on Facebook, Instagram, or Tinder. But is it even possible to identify people’s true character without meeting them in person or just by seeing some social media posts?

According to some psychologists, if you want to understand a person truly, then first study their body language and their facial expression.

But it is almost impossible just by chatting with them on social media or having some video calls. In this first forwarding world, we are all rushing for something. We want everything just in the blink of an eye. Be it our schooling, our degrees, our jobs, or relationships.

But, we have to understand that nothings can develop immediately — be it any skills, career, and obviously not even any relationships. We have to give our effort to build these things step by step with slow and steady motion — not like preparing your ramen noodles and just having it!

So, What Should Be Our Approach To Make Our Life Beautiful With Some Genuine Persons?

By Hannah Busing on Unsplash

  • Life is not easy. Making true friends or choosing the right person who will be your perfect companion is not easy. The very first thing that we need to do is to understand ourselves. We need to spend some ‘me time’ — it will help us to generate emotional intelligence.
  • If you master yourself to hold your thought, evaluate those thoughts, and make your decision out of it — it will take you to the path of self-identification.
  • If we understand ourselves, we can understand any person around us. By nature, we all are somehow similar in terms of our thoughts and feelings. And our basic understanding, our emotions are not similar, they are the same.
  • So, understanding yourself is the very first thing to understand any other person. This will help you to identify who will be your actual friend or partner. You will be able to differentiate between people if they actually want to connect with you or just want to spend some time out of boredom.
By Dim Hou on Unsplash

Final thought:

“Some human beings are safe heavens. Be companions with them” — Rumi.

In our life, we need to balance everything. We need to balance our job, our career, and most importantly our relationships with genuine people. Sometimes we need to do nothing but to take a short pause in our lives and try to observe it. We need to identify some true friends and a perfect partner to add some value to our life.

Life teaches us so many things. It always makes us a better person by some experiences — be it good or bad. Because this is the actual meaning of life to observe it, understand it, and make your decision out of it. Whether it is your career or your relationships with the people, don’t run for them. Just hold on, take a breathe, and choose wisely.

Originally published at Medium.

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