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What Is My Ex Girlfriend Thinking During No Contact (What Goes Through Your Ex Mind During No Contact)

So, you're thinking to yourself what is my ex girlfriend thinking during no contact and you're looking for how to win her back. You might find it hard to believe that no contact will help you win your ex back. How can you win your ex back if you can't tell her how much you miss her, and how much you want to be together again? Read on to find out what goes through your ex mind during no contact.

By Ivy JadePublished 2 months ago 6 min read
What Is My Ex Girlfriend Thinking During No Contact (What Goes Through Your Ex Mind During No Contact)
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Are you suffering because your ex has ended your relationship? Do you feel like they were the love of your life and that you can not live without them? Just after a breakup people, men especially, tend to beg their ex for forgiveness and a second chance promising to change. This is possibly the worst thing you can do. The secret to getting her back is to play it cool and use the no contact rule correctly, which is exactly what I will be explaining how to do in this article.

It seems counterintuitive in the beginning to cut contact with your ex and play it cool. You may think that by constantly calling her and trying to show her how much you love her and miss her and how committed you are to her will work but you would be wrong! These things come off as false, manipulative, insecure and needy. They will completely ruin your chances of getting your ex back.

Let me explain the fundamentals of the No Contact Rule and how it works.

I recommend going 30 days of no contact. This means no facebook, stalking, no calls, texts, emails... there should be zero communication. You need to believe this method will work! Don't get to Day 3 and think "Well I haven't called her for 3 days now and she hasn't called me once. I need to call her to make sure she is ok." Chances are she will contact with you before the 30 days are up. Trust the system!

You were a big part of your ex girlfriend's life. She probably loved you! When you disappear off her radar she is going to be slightly confused and thinking where are you, what are you doing, why is he not calling me and she will start to miss you. Contrast this with "OMG he just sent me another text. I wish he would just leave me alone." The more she thinks about you the better.

Women are drawn to mystery like a moth to a flame. When you drop off her radar she will want to know why. What is making you so busy that you can't communicate with her. Has he got a new girl? I wonder what he's doing. Does he miss me?

If she starts thinking about whether or not you have a new girl she will start getting jealous. She may even contact you because she fears losing you. She may even call you and be angry at you for not calling her. I've experience this before when I was in a relationship, on occasion, I was very busy and didn't call her. She would assume the worst and angrily call me to 'talk' but it was just to put her own mind at ease.

A really powerful reason why you should not contact your ex during these 30 days is because your emotions are probably all over the shop. You don't want to say something stupid just because your emotions are currently out of whack. One false move or phrase produced by being emotionally needy could cost you this relationship for good.

Use the 30 days to focus on yourself. Figure out whether your really believe she is the one or if you just want her back to help heal your wounded ego. Also use this time to pursue passions, hobbies, interests and hang out with some friends and have a great time enjoying your freedom.

If at the end of 30 days you do want her back then you should get yourself a plan. This should cover everything from what you should initially say and how to say it to rekindling the flame and having sex again.

How to Talk to Her After the No Contact Rule

You and your girl broke up and now all you want is "to get my ex girlfriend back." You realized your mistake and you don't blame her for dumping you. You didn't contact her for a while because you wanted to respect her space. Now you think it's time for the two of you to talk and lo and behold! She's willing to listen to you!

So what do you do now? You said you want to "get my ex girlfriend back." Here's the opportunity, you can once again communicate with her. Problem is, you don't know how to proceed.

Try to remember that if you were once lovers, then there's no reason why the two of you can't be friends. That might be a good place to start. Being friends again means taking it slow. There's no pressure and it's like you're getting to know each other again and starting a clean slate.

How do you talk to your ex girlfriend? Where do you start?

Sending emails or messages

It might be a good idea to send her messages or emails first. That way you can get a feel of the situation and you can figure out what you really want to say before sending it. It might be nerve-racking if you choose to call her first because you might get put on the spot. You may end up saying something you regret and you're back right where you started.

Treat her like a friend

When she does contact you or replies, then remember to take it slow. Treating your ex girlfriend like a friend is a good idea because it's like you have no motives. You have to be nonchalant. Whatever desperation you feel about getting back together, you need to bury it. If she sees that you are being clingy and miserable, then it would ruin your whole plan.

Delicate situation

Remember, you don't want to put any pressure that you want to get back together. Now is not the time for that. You can't make it seem like you are trying to talk them into getting back into the relationship. She's still on her guard so you need to work on regaining her trust.

What if she agreed to meet with you?

Talking to your ex girlfriend face to face again might be a little weird for you but at least you know you're getting somewhere. It's actually a good option because it shows that she's ready to see you again. It's likely she's calmed down and no longer harboring angry thoughts.

Now remember, when she does see you, you need to be sincere because she'll be able to tell if you don't mean what you're saying. Choose a place that's not really that intimate, preferably a place where two "friends" can hang out and just talk. A coffee shop is always a good idea or you can even invite her for lunch.

When it comes to "how to get my ex girlfriend back," remember to be sincere and to take it slow. Make sure that you're emotions are no longer in turmoil before you contact her. Be cool when you contact her and don't keep hinting that you want to get back together.

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