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What is Mental Depression and Why?

What are the ways to survive mental depression?

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished about a year ago 6 min read
What is Mental Depression and Why?
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We are the best creatures in the world because we have minds. Because there is a mind, man can judge everything and can apply intellect. But the human mind is repeatedly attacked by sadness, frustration, and depression. And if particular mental stress, such as sadness, fear, anger or frustration, anxiety, depression, or anxiety causes chronic depression, then we call it mental depression or mental illness.

The number of people suffering from this mental depression is increasing day by day in the world. According to the World Health Organization, depression is on the rise. We have already reached that stage. Not only adults but also men and women, children, and adolescents are suffering from mental depression. As a result, our performance is declining and our mental creativity is declining.

Mental depression can destroy a person's work effort. One thing is clear, however, that mental depression does not mean distortion of personality. It has modern medicine, which has no side effects. Treating this disease does not cause any intoxication or mental disorder. But if the patient suffers from this disease for a long time, the patient may not return to normal condition after treatment. Therefore, it is important to start the treatment of this disease from the initial stage.

Some causes of mental depression

A normal state of stress is mental depression. That is, it is a mental illness. Although the name of the disease is mental depression, this disease occurs and manifests in the body and brain. Serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters or neurohormones in the brain are significantly reduced due to mental depression. In this condition, harmful stress hormones increase in the brain, so the brain can not return to normal.

Medications, regular counseling, and yoga help bring the brain's essential hormones back into balance. As a result, joy and energy are transmitted to the body and mind. Yoga exercises play a special role in increasing the much-needed cerebral cortex of the brain. Similarly, Yoga brings Oxytocin, GABA, etc. to help increase hormones. As a result, mental fatigue and anxiety are reduced.

Symptoms of mental depression in adults

Adults suffer the most from depression. Some of the important symptoms of depression are:

1. Always worrying, feeling sad. Feeling tired with a little effort. Not being able to concentrate on any task, suffering from depression and inferiority complex, thinking about the same thing over and over again. Diminished ability to concentrate. Always showing a restless attitude. Worrying about unnecessary little things. Getting into a bad mood, the joy and merriment disappear from the mind.

Chatting with friends or watching movies, nothing feels good. But many mental patients have mental blocks. As a result, they cannot catch the disease of mental depression on their own. One of their characteristics is that they blame others or the hostile environment for their grief and frustration and deny the need for psychiatric treatment.

2. The patient thinks that misfortune is his only consequence. There is always a negative attitude in him. He took himself away from everyone. Become extra sentimental. Feeling lonely and alone. There is no such thing as confidence. All hope is gone.

3. Decreased thinking, which is called Neurasthenia or Brain Fatigue. A person suffering from mental depression loses focus on studies and starts giving hokum at work. Decreased memory and feeling unaccompanied. Fear of doing something new and anxiety work in the mind. She always thinks that people hate her. Sexual ability decreases when infected with this disease. The relationship between the couple deteriorated. Family quarrels increase. However, with treatment, it is possible to eliminate abnormal mental fatigue and increase sexual ability.

4. The American cardiologist Herbert Benson says that the human body and mind are deeply intertwined. When the body is bad, the mind is bad, and when the mind is bad, the body is affected. Symptoms of depression include headaches, body aches, digestive problems, abnormal heartbeat, fatigue, or panic attacks. So if you take mental treatment, the physical pain starts to be relieved

5. Prolonged indigestion, gastric, stomach problems, heartburn, loss of appetite, loss of appetite, or loss of appetite. Mental fatigue is one of the major causes of weight gain or loss. There is no moderate sleep, sleep does not come at the right time, and the body becomes numb. It is too late to wake up, there are no spirits in the body. There is no peace in the body and mind due to disease. High noise is not tolerated. Symptoms in adult patients, such as depression, suicidal ideation, or attempted suicide.

Symptoms of mental depression in children and adolescents

It's not just adults who suffer from depression. In addition to them, children and adolescents can also suffer from mental depression. Some of their symptoms are:

1. Fear, panic, and depression always work in the mind. Excessive crying.

2. Reluctance to go to school regularly, not studying properly, isolating oneself from everyone, losing focus on studies.

3. Appetite, sleep, talk less, lose weight, vandalize things unnecessarily.

4. Criminal tendencies are created, trying to run away from home, treating people badly, and showing an extra stubborn attitude.

5. Interest in death is created, fear of suicide, repeated talk of death.

In addition to the physical response of the mentally ill patient, mental tendencies should also be given importance. These problems of children may not catch our eye. And the elderly are often the victims of contempt.

Mental depression causes a variety of diseases, such as heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, metabolic disorders, high sugar, stroke, etc. According to the World Health Organization, about 4,000 people worldwide commit suicide every day. 90% of them are mentally depressed. In other words, the possibility of suicide due to mental depression is much higher.

Treatment of people suffering from mental depression

Treatment of patients with depression is not an expensive procedure. There is no need for expensive tests. Medicine for this disease is not uncommon. A psychiatrist will take medication as advised by a psychiatrist. The advice and rules given by the doctor must be followed. The ego must be abandoned and treatment must be taken. Mental patients are more prone to suicide. So its treatment is very urgent. Regular counseling helps the patient to know the source of the stress and to heal from the traumatic event.

Ways to cure mental illness

You have to try to keep your mind fresh to avoid mental illness. Below are some effective ways to discuss:

1. Give up arrogance. Have an accurate and clear idea about yourself. Do not be afraid of any work or subject unnecessarily.

2. Do hobbies, love work. Try to keep the mind happy and free from the burden.

3. Do yoga regularly and eat according to proper rules.

4. Try to get along with everyone. Avoid loneliness.

5. Read the lives of famous sages. Find inspiration from their lives.

6. Live in balance with the individual, society, family, profession, religion, education, and environment.

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7. Learn to accept the truth. Refrain from negative thoughts. Accept the failure in life and start a new life.

8. After all, as long as the problem is small, give up all egos and seek the advice of a loved one or doctor. The mind has an intimate relationship with our bodies. Just as the body is affected by different diseases at different times, so can the mind be affected by the disease. And just as we rush to the doctor if we have a physical problem, we should go to the doctor without any hesitation if we have a mental illness.


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