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What is love? Is there love left?

by 希哥 2 months ago in love
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Love refers to the satisfaction and happiness that humans give or expect. Love is the positive energy projected by the human spirit. It means that people take the initiative or consciously treasure, care or satisfy some human needs that others cannot realize independently by themselves or in some way. Including ideological consciousness, spiritual experience, behavior state, material needs and so on. The foundation of love is respect. Therefore, love is a kind of emotion from the heart, is a person to another person or a person to something deep feelings. The process of lasting this feeling is the process of love. Usually more between people or between people and things. Love is a high sublimation of recognition and liking. Different levels of love correspond to different levels of feelings or results. Love: Love is the most sincere mutual admiration, mutual love and delight formed in the hearts of both men and women based on a certain objective reality and common ideal of life, and the strongest lasting, pure and exclusive feelings of longing for each other to become their lifelong partners. The Nature of love: Love is a uniquely human phenomenon. It is the embodiment of human civilization. The essence of love is based on a certain natural basis, and subject to social material and cultural factors of mutual love spirit. This is the definition given by the search engine.

What is love? Is there love left? I believe in love, but I don't believe love will come to me. This may be the most new age women and men ever resonate.

Self-analysis, life is dull as water, but the age of twenty years old sigh the meaning of living. Suddenly one day, the calm water has waves, life has other colors. That day the SUPREME treasure did not have colorful clouds, ordinary like, calm water dropped a leaf. First sight: Love do not know, love. Two see: love to obsession, but can't say I love you. Three see: passionate people are always brainless. Parting: life if only such as first. Looking back on the heartbeat of the moment, I am not a good memory, but remember a lot of moments. Is the crowd to help the panic of their own, is the crowd in the eye, is the brave of their own, is getting along with the panic of their own, is hoping to grow old in an instant.

Jung: There is a woman in every man's heart. When he sees a woman, the first thing he sees is what he lacks or desires. Similarly, women also live in the heart of a man, see a man at the first glance, see the fantasy of people. What the two see is not the real each other. The real love is that after understanding each other, they can still keep the original heart, and the passion fades, they can still maintain mutual understanding and tolerance. Maybe what I like is myself all the time. Without deeper communication, I always fantasize about the results, think about the purpose of his doing this, and give him all kinds of good and bad endings. It's probably a common fault of most people not to ask what they really think. The movie "He's Not That Into You" says, he likes you, he will come to you, without exception. I can't judge whether it's right or wrong. It may be right, it may be wrong.

Later, I began to reflect on myself, if I had been braver at the beginning, or if I had left earlier, everything would have ended differently. What is a good relationship? It is to accompany each other and tolerate each other. Is the darkness of life, shine into a little light. But many people always for that point of light, regardless of whether the road ahead is bumpy, whether there are wild tigers. Run straight ahead, some of the road is smooth, neither beast nor tiger. Some stumble along the way, riddled with arrows. And avoid being eaten by tigers and wild animals.

People in the new era, whether male or female, seem to be used to a step-by-step life, kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high school, college, work and marriage. There is also a group of people, they yearn for love, the pursuit of soul. Met is fate, did not encounter their own life, a person can also live very well, love, have a very good, no does not affect my love of life. Life is already very hard, why don't you let yourself go?

Luo Xiang: People should love concrete people, not abstract people. The more you love abstract people, the more you hate concrete people. This "love" refers not only to the "love" of love, but also to the love between family members, friends and society. With the rapid development of economy, people forget "love". I forgot my original purpose. Life is often such a problem: your age is the age of love, in a few years you will be old, hard to find. Right on the line, which has so much love. We're married. Suck it up. For the kids. He didn't do anything serious. Forgive him! I was just playing, and you took it seriously. It's human nature to love ourselves, and the instinct is to pull ourselves out of any situation. At school, the teacher said: students, we can not lie, lying is a bad habit, ideological education is also taught us to love family, love friends, love teachers and classmates. Can lie is human nature, look at the life of people, always say good things, never say bad, hypocrisy and to show love the world.

Is it awake pain? Or numb the pain? Sober and disciplined people! Too sober, can only become a bystander of life. Some people know that this person is not worth trusting, in order to the so-called "burden", resolutely into the palace of marriage. There are only doubts in life, but quarrels. Some people close their hearts, don't trust anyone, think that the world only to protect themselves. A man dies at twenty, and his body is buried at eighty. Some people live in the gutter, still looking up at the stars.

"Love" is a kind of responsibility, I love you, I not only love your beautiful face, but also you become a better yourself. I love my family, for the family on the back of the burden of life. I love my friends. I share with them when I am happy and sympathize with them when I am sad. But people are always selfish, someone in the name of love, hurt the people who love themselves. Some people do not care about the family, only the pursuit of their own temporary happiness. Some people in the name of friends, only for themselves.

What is love? Love is the best existence in the world. Biology believes that love is generated by the appearance, sound, smell and behavior of a particular person. It stimulates the brain and secretes corresponding chemicals, which produce feelings of romance, happiness, joy and relaxation, and form an early strong impulse, that is, love. Such as: dopamine, hormones, etc. Recall when you like a certain person, are you excited when you see him? Your body power is biased towards this person. Your brain can't think in an ideal way. We all have the right to pursue love, meet this person, sooner or later


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