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What Is Love?

by SeDari World 4 years ago in love
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Here's what I think it is.

What is love?

I can't fully accept that love is giving a person all of your time because we've seen men & women go away to war and still exist in love. They still love their partner who is waiting for them wherever they are. So no, love has nothing to do with being there for a person physically.

So what is love?

Is it keeping your partner in your heart and mind at all times when you're away from them? Realistically, that doesn't work. People go through things every day of their lives and we can't just think, "I wonder what they're doing, I wonder what they're thinking, I wonder if they showered," all day every day. We're a society full of people dealing with anxiety, depression, etc. We have a lot of things on our heart and mind. So I don't think love is the same as minor obsessions.

So then... what is love?

Some people like to reduce it to just a chemical ongoing in the body. Anyone who's been through love and ended in heartbreak can tell you that it's not just a chemical. Unless heartbreak is just withdrawals; if that's the case then we can all stop here. If it isn't, then please keep reading at your leisure.

I still love my first love, even though I'm not in love with her. I hope she's OK, I hope her life is great too. The same goes for my second and third love (yes I said third love, third time was not the charm). I can't say for sure if either of those relationships had ACTUAL love but I like to think they did. They each will forever have a place in my heart that not even my best friends can reach, not above but separate.

So I think that love is a form of existence.

This isn't a concrete definition but instead just my thoughts, so hear me out. Take note of our wording, "I'm in love with you" vs. "I love you." We say the former when letting our partner know that this is the level of feelings we have for them. As if we just left the planet like on a spaceship and landed a few lightyears away on a less understood planet called love, I'm now in love with you. We say the latter as a form of appreciation to friends, partners, and family. "I love you," in other words, thank you for being in my life, thank you for all that you do, thank you for being you, I love you.

So there we have a difference between being in love and just loving someone. I'm no longer in love with my exes but I still love them. It doesn't hurt to love someone without being loved back, but it hurts like hell to be in love without that being reciprocated. Why? As I said, love is a separate form of existence. To have that form of existence is one thing but to be in that form, to become that form and to be alone is detrimental to our lives as a whole.

Think of having a pet dog named love. You have love but you are not love, of course. So if one day you abandon love everything is fine (except for the fact that you just abandoned a dog and you're a horrible person). If you could somehow become love, you would now be love directing your entirety towards the people who feed you and keep you nourished. Then one day, they leave you outside and alone. You are now love and you are now alone. Once kept healthy but now on the verge of becoming starved and malnourished.

Being in love is to become something other than yourself. Being in love is like evolving from Charmandar to Charmeleon when you express that you are in love and finally to Charizard when they return it. You finally get your wings. You become this being that transcends space and time, it feels like forever when your partner is gone and you can imagine a life time with them in four minutes or less.

In Greek mythology Zeus came across humans with four arms and two faces. He was afraid of our power so he split us in half, destined to seek our other side for our whole lives. In the movie Hancock (2008) the main character is pretty much immortal until he's reunited with his other half, his love. Only when together can they finally die.

Love is transcendence of your current existence into dangerous waters.

Love is realizing you aren't this two armed, one faced being you've been led to believe you are, but instead you're only half of a full set and your other half is looking for you too. Yet you may never find them and lead a life of finding the wrong halves.

Love is a solar system teeming with prospering life, trading knowledge and good food. Every last person is waiting for your ship to land but meteors that could end everything fly by every day.

Love is death...

We all know it's coming...

But nobody wants to go through it alone.


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SeDari World

Just a human who happens to make music. There’s a lot of words that won’t translate into songs, so they go here! Happy reading!

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