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What is 20,000$ to a mole?

by Carolin O 9 months ago in humanity

A man, a mole and what it means to be happy.

Matty the mole (source:

Matty the mole - woke up with a big sigh stretching from claws to toes,

Wiggling and waggling his body so he could sniff the day with his nose.

He sensed the dampness of the walls and the delicious sent of rainfall.

With the soil in perfect form, Matty was ready to dig through it all.

The whole world was his– so off he went to dig and explore new routes,

Matty the mole was eagerly working hard - just below the grassroots.

Even though just below the surface - Matty was making such commotion,

Above ground, the early morning commutes were only getting in motion,

One busy Wall-Street type was late for work running as if stung by a bee,

So flustered with his files he didn’t notice the mole-mound just by his feet.

And as you’d expect, he took one step too quick and fell like never-before,

With his many files flying from his fingers - exploding all over the park floor.

Moaning “Damn moles – now everything is covered in muddy spots”

Screaming he saw the time in shock and jumped up as if he got shot.

He took the papers he could reach and ran away like a beast in heat,

He ran so quick smoke rose from his feet - still cursing at the moles on repeat.

Underground Matty was terrified - the crash still ringing through the soil,

Once the earth stopped quaking – Matty went to see what caused the turmoil.

So, he burrowed straight up through his mound and stuck his head out,

Matty carefully assessed the area, smelling lingering scents with his snout.

Then his claw grasped something like a leaf but tougher and far more thin.

Upon discovery, Matty quickly realised the paper would be of great use to him.

He was bursting with ideas –so he pulled it in the burrow without a pause.

The options were endless! A new carpet, or blanket or a mat to wipe his paws?

He was excited to see what he could do and oblivious to what he just did,

Unbeknown to Matty – the paper he has was the man’s cheque for 20,000 quid.

Before he knew it - the man came back in a huff –looking for his cheque,

With the paper in his claws, Matty felt the commotion and went to check.

When the man saw Matty he tried to pry the cheque out of his iron grip,

But Matty was holding tight not wanting to let go of this new paper strip.

The man quickly realised neither him nor Matty were going to give up,

The cheque was his future, a deposit, his stocks, the bonds he had setup.

So, he gave the situation a thought and took out his little black notebook,

He held it under the mole’s nose, Matty sensed the cover and was hooked.

He used his nose to survey the book - its hard cover was hard to ignore.

Wow he thought I could do even more with this – a shelf or a new door?

The options were endless! So, he released the cheque from his hold.

And pulled the little black notebook into his mole-mound - he was sold.

The trade was complete - the man exhaled a massive sigh of relief,

Falling back from his squat onto the grass floor in utter disbelief.

The man was clutching his future to his chest, happy over the find,

Meanwhile Matty was grinning from ear to ear excited just in kind.

But the next week the man couldn’t shake sorrow about what he did,

That the mole had more joy than he will ever have with the 20,000 quid.


Carolin O

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Carolin O
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