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What I have learned working from home since 2019

By Miranda Monahan

By Miranda MonahanPublished 2 months ago Updated 26 days ago 4 min read
What I have learned working from home since 2019
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Many people all over the world began working from home, also known as working remotely in March of 2020 when the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began. Some of us have returned to the office or some other kind of workplace. While others are working from home on a permanent basis.

I have been working from home since 2019. For those who do not know what I do for a living, I am an online English as a second or foreign language teacher and I also work for non-profit organizations doing copywriting, editing, content creation and social media marketing. I love it. I enjoy the relaxed pace and no commute. There are a few things I have learned throughout the past three years of doing this.

Using the Pomodoro technique

I use a website called Cuckoo and set a timer for anywhere between five and 55 minutes. After that, I can take a break. This helps me maintain focus and it lets me know when I need to take a break. I typically take breaks for five to 10 minutes. The website allows you to take up to a half-hour-long break. You can also skip taking a break altogether.

I typically take a break and put my computer to sleep to give it a much-needed rest. I will get up and walk around. I will maybe go and make some food, coffee or tea. Maybe even some water too.

Create a space to work in

Many of us built setups during the pandemic. I did as well. Make sure you have a solid desk to work on and a good chair to sit in. It will save your back in the long run.

Make sure you have a decent computer to work on. In my humble and honest opinion, it is nearly impossible to work from home effectively on a smartphone. The size is just too small. Their processors cannot handle everything a computer can handle. They are also not meant to be work machines. With that being said, smartphones are getting bigger and more powerful, but they will never replace a personal computer.

You do not need a top-of-the-line computer. Just make sure whatever computer or Mac, for that matter, can run all of the programs you need to run for whatever your job is.

In my case, I built a desktop computer, which runs on Windows 11 Pro, it originally ran Windows 10 Pro, but I participated in Microsoft's free operating system upgrade program. I built my computer in October of 2020. It is still running strong and I have not had to upgrade parts, but I will when needed. I plan to keep it running on the original parts as long as possible.

Why did I choose to build a desktop? I chose a desktop because modern laptops seem to die within one or two years and I like the idea of having the same computer for the rest of my life. I do not like changing out my gear every single time a new device comes out on the market. I like to travel, however, most of the time I am at home and have no need to move my computer.

Dual monitors are a nice-to-have-thing

Because I use my computer all day, every day and I have a lot of tabs and programs open, I have two monitors. I use a 24-inch, 144hz, curved monitor as my main monitor. This monitor is made by Samsung. The second monitor is a 24-inch smart monitor made by Samsung as well.

I use my main monitor for the main tasks I am working on. That could teaching, researching, writing or creating graphics. On the second screen, I sometimes have streaming services like Netflix or Spotify, so I can enjoy content while I write or am researching. I never watch or listen to anything while teaching, as it is too distracting.


If you continue to work from home make sure you take breaks and not just stay in the same room staring at a computer screen. Walk around, get a drink, make some food, whatever you need to do. Also, make sure you have an environment to work in that fits your needs and allows you to complete the tasks you need to complete for your job.

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