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What Effect Does Houttuynia Cordata Have on Treating Cystitis?

by Gabriel about a month ago in advice
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What Effect Does Houttuynia Cordata Have on Treating Cystitis?
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Cystitis is a common type in the urology clinic. It is a common urinary infectious disease caused by bacterial infection. Clinically, there are many patients, many of whom are chronic bladder inflammation. If you usually treat it with some folk prescriptions, it is suitable for the recovery of the disease. For example, the folk prescription of Houttuynia cordata has a good therapeutic effect.

Houttuynia cordata is a standard Chinese herbal medicine, which has the exact source of medicine and food and is widely used. Many people use Houttuynia folk prescription to treat cystitis. How about the effect? Let's take a look and analyze it in detail!

Cystitis in traditional Chinese medicine belongs to the category of drenching syndrome. Patients are characterized by frequent urination, urgency and pain, and severe hematuria and pyuria. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is caused by damp heat blocking Qi in the lower part of the body. Treatment requires clearing away heat and toxins, diuresis, and dampness to eliminate gonorrhea. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the correct therapy for particular symptoms. What effects of Houttuynia cordata can affect the symptoms of cystitis?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Houttuynia cordata is slightly cold and tastes bitter. Return to lung meridian, bladder meridian, and large intestine meridian. It has the effects of clearing away heat and toxin, expelling pus and carbuncle, diuresis and drenching.

Modern medical research shows that Houttuynia cordata has high medicinal value, can improve body resistance, and has a specific role in treating infectious diseases. And the extract from Houttuynia cordata can inhibit the proliferation of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, which are common bacteria causing cystitis. In addition, Houttuynia cordata has the effect of benefiting urine.

The specific effects and functions are:

Antibacterial: Houttuynia cordata has an antibacterial effect and has an apparent inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus, pneumococcus, influenza bacilli, Catacoccus, etc.

Diuretic: Houttuynia cordata contains quercetin, which has diuretic and antiviral effects.

Diminish inflammation: Houttuynia cordata has a significant effect on upper respiratory tract infection, bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic tracheitis, chronic cervicitis, pertussis, and other diseases. It can also be used to treat acute conjunctivitis and urinary tract infections.

Enhance immunity: Taking Houttuynia cordata can increase leukocyte phagocytosis and improve human immunity.

Houttuynia cordata is used to treat cystitis. It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxification, inhibiting local bacterial reproduction and diuresis. Houttuynia cordata has an inhibitory effect on common bacteria in the urinary tract, but it is challenging to treat cystitis with this drug alone. It needs to be used based on TCM syndrome differentiation and is often combined with various herbs.

In real life, Houttuynia cordata is mostly used in the adjuvant treatment of cystitis. There are also extracted Houttuynia cordata injections, which can be used as an injection preparation of Chinese patent medicine to treat cystitis. Still, it needs to follow the doctor's advice strictly. Soaking Houttuynia cordata in water can alleviate symptoms such as frequent urination and urgency of urination. However, if patients drink it for a long time, it will lead to a deficiency of cold in the spleen and stomach, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, and severe renal failure.

In addition to Houttuynia cordata, fossil grass, rushes, and other herbs also have auxiliary effects on the treatment of cystitis. They all belong to the herbs that promote drenching and dampness, which can kill bacteria and can play the role of diuresis. A large amount of urine is produced in the urinary system, which can flush the urinary system and flush the bacteria in the bladder out of the body to alleviate symptoms.

Fossil grass is good medicine for patients with stones, as well as in the treatment of cystitis. It also has a good effect on the inhibition of bacteria and the alleviation of inflammation. However, the efficacy of fossil grass is too strong and needs to be taken under the guidance of doctors.

Rushes have the function of inhibiting certain microorganisms. It can effectively inhibit the bacteria causing cystitis. It can be drunk in water. Patients should take the dose after the doctor's advice.

People still need to use a complete prescription to cure the disease. The traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treating cystitis has a comprehensive formula and contains more than 50 traditional Chinese medicines such as Houttuynia cordata. Its curative effect is more in line with the treatment needs.

In addition, patients should also pay attention to their diet. They should not eat chili, seafood, and other spicy and irritating foods. Drinking more water and urinating more can also help bacteria excrete from the body.

Warm tip: if there are typical symptoms of urinary tract irritation, urgency, frequency, pain, and leukocyte positive in routine urine examination, active treatment is required.


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