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We Are Toys To These Kidult Narcissists

by Maxwell Jordan about a month ago in single

Not Human Beings With Our Own Feelings & Dreams

We Are Toys To These Kidult Narcissists
Photo by Shirota Yuri on Unsplash

“The toys that strike the strongest chord, in general, are the ones that are the most ,” says Bensch. There are no rules, no backstory, no singular end goal. “Toys like these empower kids to leap off and go where their imaginations take them.”— Christopher Bensch, Toy Joy: Why Kids Love Toys

I have written ad nauseam this idea in many posts and articles, that narcissistic people are kidults.

They are toddlers in every sense of the word. Their mindset and psychology have not piqued beyond the age of 4 years old, some maybe 6 at best — but for many of these people, they are stuck in their toddler ages!

Why do I say this?

Well, because of:

  • Their excessive need to have OTHERS regulate their emotions (I had a bad day and it is YOUR job to make my day better)
  • Their need for constant attention (Hey! Hey! Look it. Look it what I did today at work. You’re not looking?)
  • Their inability to see their own STUPIDITY (I’m the smartest person on this planet! And the planet is flat. I’m a genius)
  • Their constant whining and complaining over TRIVIAL NONSENSICAL THINGS (Why is this hot pocket hot?)
  • Their MASSIVE OVERWHELMING INCALCUBABLE FEELINGS OF JEALOUSY (They look better than me. Wahhhhhhh! I want them to be destroyed. Wahhhhhh!)

Narcissistic people are phenomenally childish, and as much as we may think they are a rarity in society, this is something I am coming to believe is false.

I think the world is full of these narcissistic kidults!

And us empaths, are not only their parents, but we are also their toys!

The Toy: What You Are To A Narcissists

We Are Their Toys

By Sandy Millar on Unsplash

To a narcissist, they don’t see other human beings as individuals who have their own thoughts, feeling, desires, and goals.


To these people, they have something (which I believe) that is known as childish solipsism.

They truly believe that the world is here because THEY ARE HERE. They truly believe that you/we exist because THEY EXIST.

These people are nutjobs!

We are not human beings with feelings, we are toys for their pleasure.

We are, somewhat akin to what the slaves were in Ancient GreekTools with voices! “

Toying With Your Emotions

By Callum Skelton on Unsplash

The phrase “toying with your emotions”, now makes a heck of a lot more sense. These people like to toy with our emotions. They like to press certain knobs and click certain tabs to see what new emotions will come out of their toy.

“Hmmm….if I say this to this person, let’s see what happens.” “Hmmm…if I lie to them and they find out, how will they react?” “Hmmm…this word “LUAVE”….hmmm…I don’t understand this word “LUAVE” (Love)…if I say it to them and take it away…let’s see how they react. So much endless joy from my favorite toy.”

These people view our emotions as playthings.

Anger, frustration, confusion, hatred, sadness, and most of all FEAR, are some of their favorite reactions they want to see from their toy.

Why Walking Away Is A Great Punishment

By Jad Limcaco on Unsplash

I want you to think about this for a second. Remember when you were a kid (toddler), and you had a toy taken away from you, how did you feel?

How did you feel when you were told to “Go to your room” or “Go stand in the corner”?

How did that make you feel?

Helpless, angry, resentful, sad, POWERLESS!

Narcissists and I will keep saying this to the point it becomes an indelible thought on your mind, are KIDULTS.

To punish them is NOT to get them to realize their fault — because that will not happen, and even if it does happen, THEY WILL NOT APOLOGIZE.

No, the way you punish these people is to place them in time out for the rest of their life by going No Contact. It is to take away their toy, YOU, from their dirty little hands.

It is to put them in the farthest corner of your mind and forgetting about them thus making them feel powerless.

Lastly, it is to WALK OUT OF THEIR LIVES, and like the small child who losses their mom in a store, cries out in fear of being abandoned, so too will these nutjob kidults feel the same way… ABANDONED!

You have to understand this, you are not dealing with emotionally mature people. Getting them to understand your pain is like trying to get a 4 year old to understand how your mortgage works.

It is not going to happen.

Walk away from these kidults, stop being their toy to use and hurt — and you will successfully punish the narcissist on a massive level!


Maxwell Jordan

I am an avid writer on issues around polyamory, individuality, narcissism, introversion, embracing hard times, going it alone and life in general!

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Maxwell Jordan
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