Ways to Tell Someone Has Real Feelings for You

Giving all of your time and yourself to a relationship with someone who does not do the same for you is one of the worst experiences we all go through in our lives. Knowing how to tell if someone likes you is not something you are taught, but something you must figure out on your own. There are those people who will claim they really do care for you while they do not at all. It is important to be careful and learn from your experiences in order to avoid such people.

Ways to Tell Someone Has Real Feelings for You

When someone loves you, they are always more than willing to listen to you, they truly enjoy looking at you and they remember all of the important details about you much easier than regular people out there. The person who truly cares about you will be looking forward to growing old with you and accept your bad sides just as much as good sides. Finding that someone is not very easy, but luckily, there are ways to meet someone even at an older age by using DoULikeSenior. How to tell if someone really loves you for being who you truly are? Just pay attention to the signs someone likes you and never again invest yourself in a relationship that is meant to fail!

1. They Remember Things About You And Things Related To You

A person who likes you will most likely never forget your dog’s name or name of your favorite song. When we are seriously caring for someone, we carefully listen to the things they talk about and try our best to remember all of the important details. If someone is clearly remembering the details about you and uses their valuable knowledge about you in order to get to you, it is certain they feel something for you.

2. They Give You More Attention Than Anyone Else

Do you know anyone who actually openly gives you more attention than they do to anyone else? If so, that person might be very interested in you. Those who try to fit your schedule, listen to your stories and talk with you about many things are mainly those who actually truly care for you. They will take you to your favorite restaurant, buy you your favorite ice cream or simply take you to the cinema to watch your favorite movie.

3. They Are Open And Very Honest With You

A person who does not care for you will never really open up completely and be honest with you. Pay attention to the person who openly talks about their experiences, life, and hobbies; listen to their speech and see how honest they really are. Only honest ones are the ones you should give a chance to.

4. They Know And Respect Your Boundaries

In order to have a healthy and developing relationship, you need a partner who respects you. People who cannot take your "no" and keep on pushing you to do things you do not want to do are those you must avoid if you wish to be happy. A special someone who truly cares will respect your boundaries and decisions, they will never doubt them and they will do their best to understand and support you.

5. They Are Thoughtful And Wish To See You Happy

People who have feelings for you will be selfless, they will be thoughtful and try their best to make you happy. They are one of those who will bring you the cup of hot tea when you are ill, those who will hug and let you know everything will be fine. They do need anything in return and they actually enjoy being there for you and making you smile whenever they can.

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