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Volleyball Game

by Nadine Bencherif 2 years ago in literature

A short story.

It’s 6 pm. Talia and Kristin are in the woods next to a gymnasium before their high school has a volleyball game with their rivals. Talia is lighting up a joint.

“I really need to smoke. It’s been a day.” Says Kristin. “Where did you get the pot.”

“Jimmy.” Says Talia. “He’s having a party this weekend. Hey did you hear that Grant called Cara fat?”

“Oh my god I know. What an asshole. I was talking to Cara about it this morning. Poor girl.” Kristin says.

“She is fat though.” Talia says taking a deep hit of the joint. Her big brown eyes immediately become small.

They walk out of the woods to cross the street to get to the game. It’s quiet except for the sound of crickets. It smells like freshly cut grass and the air is hot. Whether that’s from the joint or the weather is undetermined.

“Are you going to that rave in July.” Asks Kristin fully knowing that they are. It’s all they do for fun after all. A little unorthodox hobby they picked up from her ex Ivan.

“Yea we should go together.” Says Talia

“Ok great. I need to find something to wear.” Kristin says.

They open the doors to the gym. Their classmates fill the bleachers. Notably all the rich kids are closest to the floor. They made it to cheer for their golden boy, Gus. Gus is also a rich kid. His parents are legacies to the school and they practically invented post it notes or something so Gus is pretty much untouchable.

Kristin feels her body tense as they walk past them. Something about them made her get chills but she kept going to the games to support the team. Their eyes scan her and a bead of sweat forms on her upper lip.

“I hope they’re seeing my good side.” She thinks.

Kristin and Talia get to the back of the bleachers and check out the gym. It was packed. “Were we the only ones that got high?” Thought Kristin. It was a common practice for people to show up to games blitzed on some kind of substance so the question was valid.

The boys hit the ball back and forth. Gus being the most dynamic of the bunch swaggers around the gym floor like a rooster in a coop. If his team scored you could expect to hear loud exaltations coming from him. It’s his big day after all. All his friends cheer for him. Kristin and Talia do too because it’s their school.

An hour goes by and all that’s going through Kristin’s mind is her high. The volleyball players turn into a Monet right in front of her. She feels like the layers of stress that had accumulated from hours at school studying were melting off of her in cascading layers much like that of a melted chocolate fountain. As time goes by the game eventually ended in a loss for Chapel hill High and that’s when chaos erupted like severe acne on a preteen hitting puberty. As soon as everyone exited the gym both teams line up in front of each other. First they yell. Then they posture and then they go for eachother like sperm to ovum. Police officers were waiting with pepper spray but that didn’t seem to stop them. Fists flew as pepper spray filled the air. It seems like the pepper spray only made it worse but people from the gym started watching anyway while others ran to their cars to get home.

“We have to get out of here” said Kristin

“Follow me” said Talia as she walked right in the middle of the pepper spray.

“I’m not going! What are you doing??”

Talia stands in the middle of a cloud of pepper spray unbothered. She waves for Kristin to follow and then Kristin reluctantly follows coughing as she reaches the other end of the fog.

Who was waiting for them on the other side would shock Kristin. It was 3 guys from the rival school. Talia was social in that way. She just seemed to make friends wherever she went. Maybe it was her intellect or maybe it was Maybelline who knows.

“North shore sucks!” A senior girl screams at them presumably a Chapel Hill student.

“Look at you sluts! Don’t come to Chapel Hill bitches! We’ll fuck you up.” She drives away in a car full of other Chapel Hill seniors.

“Well that’s charming.” Says one of the North Shore guys. “Do you need a ride home?”

“Yea Andrew said he’d be able to.” Says Kristin.

“Don’t worry I got you.” Says Andrew. Andrew was Talia’s special friend. “Let’s walk to my car. I need to get something at the gas station first though.”

The group walked to the car which was parked at the top of a hill behind a parking lot. As soon as they made it to the car they heard yelling coming from the parking lot. Upon further investigation a young man was walking through the parking lot with a torn shirt, his chest visible and it seemed as if the yelling was slurred. A security car pulled up immediately and started questioning the young man.

“I know but they took my phone” he yelled.

“Come on let’s get out of here,” said one of the north shore boys “I have weed in my pocket.”

Kristin and Talia got in the car and they started driving towards the gas station. At this point Kristin and Talia were extremely high to the point where Talia decided to take a snooze in the backseat of some strangers car that belonged to her special friends friend.

“Have any of you done cocaine before?” Asked a north shore guy “I’m Eddie by the way.”

“No but I’d love to try some.” Said Kristin. “There’s nothing better to do in this town.”


Nadine Bencherif

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Nadine Bencherif
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