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Valuable and Collectible Plates sold at auction

Finding valuable plates at the Thrift Store

By Anna cruzPublished 7 months ago 5 min read
Valuable and Collectible Plates sold at auction
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There are many priceless and heirloom antiques in the World that have been found in thrift stores and estate sales that have sold for thousands and millions of dollars. The pieces found are so unique and diverse that treasure hunters often overlook everyday items we use such as glassware and plates. There are many popular and expensive types of plates that are extremely collectible and if found could be worth thousands of dollars. Of course, value depends upon the rarity, condition, design, historical significance, and in some cases the age of the plate.

Some examples of these rare plates include rare Pablo Picasso plates which he designed between 1947 and 1971. Picasso designed 633 different ceramic editions with a number of unique pieces from earlier works. Some of Picassos subjects for his ceramics included bulls and bullfighters, birds, Mediterranean mythology, visage works which included faces and masks on ceramics in the style of cubism. Cubism was a different new approach to representing reality of different subjects together in the same picture making the paintings look abstract and fragmented. Cubism style of painting was invented in 1907- 1908 and it was revolutionary because it had a three dimensional style to the art and used geometric shapes and was different from portrait and impressionist styles of art.

One of the most valuable Picasso plates is the “visage aux mains” (Face with hands) plate from the Madoura Pottery studio in Vallauris France. This iconic plate sold at auction for 100,000. There are many popular and collectible Picasso plates that sell in the range of several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Some other popular Picasso designs are the “Owl” Plate and “la Colombe”(the dove ) plates.

Besides Picasso plates there are several other lesser-known plates that have sold for millions of dollars, for example the dinner service for the Duke of York. This dinner plate service was commissioned by the future King George IV of England in the late 18th century. This dinner service is considered one of the most important surviving examples of english neoclassical silver. This historical plate set sold for 11 million dollars in 2002 at auction.

A historical antique plate which was made for the French Royal family in the late 18th century was the “Diana and Actaeon “plate which featured a scene from Greek mythology. This incredibly valuable plate sold for 9 million dollars at auction in 2010.

A famous example of Chinese porcelain made during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) known as the “Blue Dragon “Plate sold at auction in 2005 for 17 million dollars. Ming porcelain is the most famous and popular collectible of all Chinese antiques because of their beauty, intricate detail, design and craftsmanship.

Another famous antique collectible plate in which only one plate was originally part of a set of 12 made by the French jeweler Paul De Lamerie in the early 18th century. This rare plate is known as the “Rothschild Plate” it is considered one of the finest examples of English silver. The “Rothschild Plate sold for over 1 million dollars in 1999.

American artist Jackson Pollack created ceramic works in 1947 which included the “Jackson Pollack “Plate. This plate is one of the few surviving pieces of his ceramic works. This plate sold at auction in 2013 for over 1 million dollars. This one plate was made in the 20th century not truly an antique yet because its less than a 100 years old.

These are a few examples of the rarest and most expensive antique and collectible plates ever made in the World. It is very rare to find such an item when buying at estate sales and thrift stores but there are other plates that have a lesser value which are popular patterns that sell for very good money on eBay. Some of these examples include:

Blue Willow plates a beautiful blue and white design pattern first produced in the late 18th century. This pattern remains popular today. Some of the rarest Blue Willow plates were produced by the Spode factory and can be worth several thousands of dollars depending upon the age, the design and condition of the plate.

Royal Doulton Plates are fine China plates made by a british company since the late 19th century. Some rare Royal Doulton plates featuring designs by artist Charles Noke can sell for thousands of dollars.

Limoge's plate which are produced by a region in France has been producing fine porcelain since the 18th century. The most valuable Limoges plates were produced by the Haviland factory and can sell for lots of money.

Wedgewood plates were created by Wedgewood a British company that has been producing fine China since the mid 18th century. Some of the rare Wedgewood plates include the Black Basalt or Jasperware styles that sell for several hundred dollars.

Meissen plates were created by the Meissen company in Germany since the 18th century. Some of the rarer Meissen plates feature floral intricate designs that make them very popular and collectible. The older the plate and design pattern the more valuable it is.

In summary, vintage collectible antique plates can be as valuable as any other collectible or antique on the market. Often overlooked because traditional China has gone down in value and many modern families don’t collect china plates like they used to years ago. The thrift stores are saturated with china plate sets. For this and many other reasons plates are not looked at as valuable. There can be a gem in the rough out there, so always look out for vintage plates. There are many factors affecting the value of a collectible or antique plate and that includes the design, rarity, condition, age and historical significance. If you find a plate that you suspect is valuable it is always wise to do some research and to find an appraiser that can give you more information on the plates value.

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