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Valentine's Day

by My_Bakubae 2 years ago in dating
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Deku’s POV


My eyes flutter open and glance at my clock that has the date on the bottom. 14 of February, Valentine’s Day. Yay. A day in which sweaty, hormonal and horny teenagers celebrate\express their love for their loved ones by giving them chocolates and cards. I would bet that the card or chocolates I get are from my friend, Ochako Uraraka, who by the way is dating Tenya Iida, my other friend. I hate this day because I don’t have anyone to share it with, and it’s even harder for me to find someone because I’m gay. No one knows though. Never mind that, I put on my school uniform and got my bag whilst eating a slice of toast. I wished my mother a Happy Valentine’s Day, kissed her on the cheek and left for school. My head hung low on my walk to school, that was until I walked into school. I had to keep up my happy, go lucky personality. Little did I know someone was walking behind me and saw me dreading this awful day.

“Deku!” a certain brunette shouted whilst running towards me. Iida walking behind her, with a red face.

“Morning Uraraka!” I smile and wave to her.

“Do you have a Valentine?”

“No. Have you given Iida your chocolates yet?”

“Yep! He seemed to like them. Oh and I some for you too!” She said handing me a bag of chocolates.

"Oh thanks, Uraraka, I tried making you some but they got burnt whilst cooking. Sorry." I said, scratching the back of my neck. I see Kacchan walk up to us with, what it looks to be a card and hands it to me and walks off. I open the card and the content surprises me.

Hey Shit nerd!

Don't take this the wrong way yet ok? I may or may not have to talk to you about something at lunch on the roof and I also have something to give you. So please come to lunch. I know how you love to overthink stuff so don't do too much of that just yet or not I don't care.



Wow, Kacchan wants to meet me? What would he want to talk to me about? Will, he hurt me again? Wait, no Izuku. He said not to overthink it, so it must not be anything bad, right?

“What’s that? Did Bakugo give you a death threat or something?”

“W-what! N-no, he just wants to meet me on the roof at lunchtime. But he didn't say anything bad like a death threat, which is strange for him. We should start heading to class, right Iida?” I look at the class re, who I forgot was there.

“Y-yes, we must arrive to class at least ten minutes early! Let’s go!” Yeah, he is still flustered from earlier. Looks like he recovered though. We start heading to class and I take my seat.

Time Skip to Lunch.

My leg bounced with anticipation. It was 11:19 AM. One minute to go, come on.


“Alright, class dismissed!” Aizawa spoke in his dead monotone voice and sank into his yellow sleeping bag. Kacchan got up, looked at me then proceeded to walk in the direction of the roof. I left after him but I made sure to put some distance between me and him. Once I got to the roof I looked around for him. Kacchan was leaning against a wall.

“Kacchan, I-I’m here. What did you want to talk about?” I was trembling from fright, thinking about what he wanted.

“Deku… you will probably say no to this considering the things I did to you. But I wanted to say that I…I-I I love you.” As he was saying this he kept creeping closer to me with one hand behind his back. He knelt down and took his hand out from his behind his back to reveal a bunch of roses and said…

“Will you be my boyfriend?”

“Yes, Kacchan I will and I forgive you what you throughout the years. I’ve loved you since we were kids.” He stands up and pulls me into a deep kiss.

“Happy Valentine’s Day….babe”


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