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Understanding the Western Obsession with Ukrainian Women

by Vera Tischenko 4 months ago in dating
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Is there really such an obsession?

Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash

It’s arguable that no reputation in terms of beauty exceeds that of Ukrainian women in the eyes of the world.

It’s a well known fact that their superior genetics produce some of the finest female specimens of our species, and it’s no surprise that they’ve earned a special spotlight on a worldwide scale.

It’s because of this physical superiority (and many other defining factors) that Western men (and arguably many other men of different nationalities) have a unique attraction towards the physical qualities and traits that Ukrainian women have.

In the eyes of the West, these women set the standard for Eastern European excellence, thus making them a highly desirable love interest.

This connection between two cultures has an intricate social infrastructure that gives rise to the phenomenon of attraction, and it involves Ukraine’s history, culture, gender disparity, media representation, and influential involvement in the international realm of online dating and matchmaking.

So just what exactly is it about Ukrainian females that Western men just can't seem to resist, and what are the specific nuances of this dynamic that reinforce their worldwide reputation as being some of the most desirable women in Eastern Europe (and possibly the entire world)?

In this blog, we’ll attempt to dissect and analyze these specific dynamics and shine some much needed light on the question that has probably crossed all of our minds at least once in our lives.

With that being said, let’s start with:

Female abundance via gender imbalance

This is one of the defining factors of this phenomenon that most of us have probably heard of before.

It’s a well known fact that there’s an insane amount of young, single, marriageable women that populate the bustling cities of Ukraine. There’s literally just so many of them that there’s more than enough to go around - there’s absolutely no shortage of these girls in their home country, and logically, this adds to their desirability.

Anyone who’s done a single Google search about Ukrainian girls has most likely read this on multiple blogs, but what you may not know is the fact that this abundance stems from a rather macabre and sobering reality of the human condition, one that’s completely unavoidable - one that’s plagued our species’ existence for as long as we’ve walked the earth.

And that reality is war. The Second World War to be exact.

When the nations of humanity plunged into world conflict and the Axis forces began invading Europe, it was the Ukrainians who comprised a vast majority of the Red Army’s men when the Union still stood.

Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

These men did a huge bulk of the fighting, and unfortunately, they did a huge bulk of the dying as well. These Ukrainian men valiantly fought to the bitter end and sacrificed their lives in many tours across the Eastern front, with many of them dying in the Stalingrad massacre as well as the siege of Berlin when the tides of the war turned in their favor.

By the time the Allied forces had won the war, it had come at a great cost. It’s no surprise that one of the most deadly conflicts in human history has left a gaping hole in the populations of the nations involved - which is why there are so many more women than men in Eastern European nations like Germany and Ukraine.

Ultimately, this imbalance manifested in a surplus of women over men, affecting the population’s balance of genders even up until recently. The result was a newfound infatuation for the abundance of Eastern European women in the years after World War II.

The appeal of exoticity and modern beauty standards

To many Western men, a blonde-haired Ukrainian woman of marrying age with a shapely figure and an angelic face constitutes the golden standard of beauty expectations, which these women meet and surpass with ease.

They embody the type of woman that most Westerners dream about, and the familiar yet desirable appeal of exoticity in light skinned beauty has a surprisingly tantalizing charm over most men - even beyond the Western world.

All over the globe, in many varying societies and cultures, the Ukrainian woman’s degree of attractiveness sits at a superior spot on the scale of desirability purely through her delicate facial features and curvy stature.

Sociability and their penchant for public interaction with strangers

Another thing about these women that captivates the Western world is their ability to tolerate and enjoy conversations with strangers in public wherein the usual Western reaction to such interaction would be awkward and unwarranted.

In most Westernized places, you can’t really just approach a woman and start a conversation with her on the street without coming off as being intrusive or creepy (unless you’re extremely charming). It’s doable in some cases, but most of the time, Western women don’t always enjoy casual chit chat with strangers.

However, women in Ukraine have a different perspective towards being approached in this fashion. It may partially have to do with the fact that visitors and tourists flock to their cities quite often (and have been doing so for quite some time now), but there’s a societal factor in these women that normalizes and destigmatizes the concept of a man hitting up a female in public for a casual talk.

Fineas Gavre on Unsplash

With a proper vibe and chivalrous charm, a man may ask a Ukrainian woman the simplest of questions or inquiries to which she’ll gladly respond with a witty remark or a friendly gesture of interest - and this is why many people tend to adore the openness that these women embody.

The widely popularized concept of purchasing a bride, which is crazy if you think about it

The mail-order bride phenomenon in Ukraine has spurred much of the tourism there for the past few decades, with countless romantics and love-seekers looking to pay money for a bride they can take home and marry.

Many services and firms have tapped into the modern matchmaking industry and currently facilitate this dynamic online and in real life, adding to the West’s infatuation with dating in Kiev, Odessa, and all the other big Ukrainian cities.

These are just a few societal factors behind the Western preference for dating Ukrainian women.

Vera Tischenko, Dating Coach and Professional Matchmaker


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Vera Tischenko

Dating Coach and Professional Matchmaker for Kiev Women

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