Two Is Better Than One: Power Couples

by Katheryn Compton 8 months ago in dating

Because sometimes we do need a special someone to help us achieve our goals and dreams.

Two Is Better Than One: Power Couples

Today’s topic is a continuation of my relationship series, and I wanted to discuss something that has been on my mind recently. We constantly see so many couples that talk about being power couples, and even singles that talk about wanting a power couple relationship and marriage. The one thing that I feel that they have left out on discussing is what it means to be a power couple and how to achieve it. Although widely discussed, I think we deserve the right to know and become that power couple that we constantly converse about, and even try to emulate those qualities before we get married.

If you are single and wish to be a power couple with someone one day, it is so vital and important to reflect those traits now versus later since who we are now—good or bad—will be magnified later in marriage, including our significant other. Be who you wish to attract and want in someone you wish to be with, and eventually, you will find someone that matches what you are called to do and the purpose of your life.

Practicing what we want in life is so vital and important. We cannot just ask for something and not be willing to put in the work for it before even receiving what we ask for—we have to prove ourselves, so to speak. Timing is also something to consider when becoming a power couple with someone. Are you even ready for what you are seeking after? Learn to build on your dreams, goals, and life first before trying to attract another person, so that way, when you do meet that special someone, you will mesh easily and be a part of the power couple that you seek and desire.

Make no mistake, being in a relationship and marriage is a ton of work, and while I wish to say that it is not for the faint of heart, it is. Being with someone that helps you be a power couple together is being with someone that helps you learn and grow, which is why opposites attract. You build on one another and learn from the other because what is one person’s strength is another person’s weakness. You may be good at something your significant other is not good at and that is okay, it does not make you weaker or less than.

For my married people out there, if you do not think that your marriage emulates a power couple, there is no better day than to start today to try to emulate those qualities. Walking as one and in unity with your significant other is so beautiful and so powerful, and having a significant other can help you get things done that you would not normally be able to accomplish as a single person. For the men, your woman is there to help you and to better you in all that you do. You think that you are accomplishing such amazing and big things as a single, just think what MORE you could accomplish having a significant other. It is such a powerful and beautiful thing to flow in harmony with the one that you love.

Whether you are single or married, you can start putting into practice power couple qualities by pursuing your gifts, talents, goals, and dreams. Build your life on solid ground, and eventually that other power man or woman will come along and elevate you even more because of the confidence both of you emulate as a power couple.

Therefore, my challenge for you today is to research qualities of a power couple and start small. Start pursuing whatever it is that you feel that you are called to do, whatever it is that sets your heart and soul on fire, and then find someone to share that with, because two is better than one. Can I get an amen to warm nights on cold winter days due to being able to cuddle with that significant other?

Until next time beloveds, enjoy this adventure!

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