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Twisted Fate

by Sherry jackson 2 days ago in dating

Sweet Encounter

Tom and his girl went to his house from their afternoon date at the bowling alley. They had been visiting a particular ice-cream parlor about three times a week eating sundaes, ever since he met her there.

Her shyness had prevented her from making the first gesture. He singled her out as the girl he wanted to be his girlfriend. he had persisted and had broken down her protective walls and within the first two weeks of knowing each other they had become inseparable.

The coy glances she cast his way were provocative and assuring him that she would be willing to accept his intentions, to what degree he could not determine.

You are pretty, he said to her. A blush rose to her cheeks.

You think so? She narrowed her eyes as she looked at him.

He unlocked the door with his key and let her go in first. He knew no one would be home.

I’m going to say it straight out!

Dana, I’m completely in love with you---and-well, I want you.

She was an affectionate girl, open hearted and generous. She was a delicate looking girl around the same age as he was, 17, with soulful brown eyes and long lashes and a shy smile. She was slender with red hair against her pink skin.

She put her finger over his lips.

He looked deep into her eyes.

She saw that the house was dark except there was light spilling

down from the upstairs.

They crept inside moving with absolute silence. He stood in the empty room and drew her to him removing gently but swiftly trying to unbutton her blouse while he kiss her cheeks—.

I’ve never done anything like this before---she uttered.

Surrendering to his tender kisses she began to kiss his neck when she noticed he had stopped and was standing Her voice was low and warm.

What’s wrong? She asked.

Let’s get out of here!

What? She said with surprise. She turned to look at what he was looking at-

She saw with him in disbelief all the trees in the forest falling down. They watched out the window in shock what looked like a tornado but there wasn’t one in sight.

She accidentally backed up and knocked a vase off the table.

They ran out the house got in his car and drove in full speed away.

Sally sat down in the lounge chair on the patio and put a pillow behind her head, strengthening out her long legs before her. She sipped her steaming coffee, then placing it on the table beside her, Relaxing and enjoying the serenity of the lush forest next to her house, and the lake visible in the distant landscape. Its waters blue , and its shores covered with tall green pine trees that climbed the surrounding heights, and gathered around the wreathed rocks. The green spiked leaves on them trembling from the gentle touch of the afternoon warm breeze . Then from one of the trees a bluejay began chipping loudly. She looked around at the exquisite little garden laid out in azaleas, alyssum, and tiger lilies. There were Hollyhocks all around the kitchen window and there was a whole corner where the soft yellow of cowslips shimmered, and brilliant poppies, tall delphinium, and Madonna lilies gathered an array of dazzling colors. There were tea roses down beside the dirt path that led from the house to the forest where a sea of pink and white azaleas continued on both sides fading into the distance with it.

It felt good to have some free time . Thinking about her new job as a waitress and living in her late grandfather’s home gave her a sense of satisfaction she hadn’t felt about her life in a long time.

She liked it here. Then a flash back of yesterday brought thoughts of him. The moment she saw him, Bob, the town’s Forest Ranger come casually into the cafe and sat on a stool at at the counter, she felt close to him. It was like she knew him but she couldn’t remember where she had seen him before. When she took his order, his eyes were saying beautiful unspoken words to her. Then to her surprise when she delivered his plate of food she found her hands were slightly shaking.

On delivering the customer after him, his drink, she accidentally dropped he drink on the table.

The customer jumps up and he screamed and calling her stupid.

The Ranger quickly got up and stood between them.

Why, I think you owe this lovely waitress an apology. He looked the customer straight in the eyes.

Well, maybe I do, the customer replied cowardly. He looked at Sally and said reluctantly,

I’m sorry.

The Ranger walked slowly back to his seat and sat down. The other waitress working there came over and took over, wiping up the drink and petting understandingly Sally on the shoulder. Sally goes over to thank the Ranger. He is eating like nothing had happened.

You must be the new waitress, he said.

Yes- she smiled.

Well, welcome. It nice to see a new face around here.

You — you wouldn’t be old man Walter’s—-, he inquired.

She interrupted, yes he was my grandfather. I’m Sally.

Well, now to meet you Sally. I’m Bob. Then you must be staying at his place. I heard one of his kin were coming to live there.

Yes- I moved up from the city.

Big different- I like It here a lot more than the big busy city, she added.

Glad to hear. Don’t let what just happen bother you, most folks around here are pretty descent folks. Now —if you need anything don’t hesitate to give me a call -he reached into his shirt pocket, pulled out a card with his name and number on it. He handed it to her. She took it and while looking at it gave him a warm smile.

So - you’re the Superman of the area?

He laugh- yes- you could say that. Us Forest Rangers take our jobs pretty seriously. He smiled up at her with those twinkling laughing brown eyes and gave her a wink.

Thanks, thanks a lot! she said.

Smiling sweetly at him, and walked away putting the card in her sweater pocket.

When she looked back at him, he was watching her in a way that she didn’t mind and felt a little flattered. She got busy in the back and when she came out he was gone.

Bob was interesting to her.

He was very handsome and she liked his boldness. Not ever been committed to anyone or anyone committed enough to her to marry. Now in her early thirties , still believing her heart that a knight on a white horse would somehow magically appear one day and they would ride off together into the sunset living happily everafter. It’s possible she felt because she had seen it with her grandfather Walter snd her grandmother Helen. Whenever she use to visit them when she was younger, they cared for each other like the characters in those fairy tales.

There was peace here. There was a majestic beauty to this part of the country. A softness, a stillness, that spoke of peace and tranquility, and maybe love. Cradling her coffee cup in her hands, she leaned back in her chair and took a sip of the now lukewarm coffee. Laying her head back and closes her eyes, and before she knew it she was sleep.

When she woke up, she saw that the sun had disappeared behind some floating grey clouds and the wind was blowing a lot harder than before. She got up snd went inside to turn on the tv on to look at the weather. The weather station was predicting a chance of thunderstorms.

On entering the Forest Ranger Office he was met by the sight of Jeff, the other forest ranger.

Hey Bob. How’s it going? It good, he replied.

It looks like another big rain headed our way. Not much more to report, said Jeff.

Bob strolled for another adjacent room and headed for the coffee maker. He took down a cup from the cabinet above it and poured him some coffee. He reached for the creamer , dropping a heaping white spoonful of sugar in it.

The other Ranger turned toward the window and gazed at the thunderheads. In the distance the thunder rumbled.

To think I use to love the rain. When I was a kid I use to love to go out and play in it.

Bob made his way out of the office down the stairs and back to his truck. He got in started the engine and drove down the road, turning onto the coast road. Switching on the short wave radio under the switch board, he listened for some weather alert, but the thunder was interfering with the radio’s reception.Then a report came though about some massive storm not far off. As the static rose he turned off the radio and drove the remaining way in silence.

Scanning the hillside as he drove, he suddenly detected some movement on the hillside. A rain soaked chuck of the hillside slide down. The hill was wetter than he had expected and as he cautiously proceed though the forest road.

He wonder how Sally was doing. Ever since he met her, he couldcouldn’t get her off his mind. She was the prettiest woman he had ever seen. He even like the red lipstick and red nail polish which he always thought was too much on other woman. The very sniff on passing a sweet smelling flower brought memories of her. He went by the cafe and found out she was off work today.

It suddenly got darker, windy and large raindrops began to fall on his truck. Bob looked out his truck side window over the mountains and saw to his amazement trees falling down. He put his foot on rushed to Sally’s place.

Sally turned around to look out her sliding glass door and saw the trees beginning to fall all around her house. A knock came at the door. She rushed over and opened it to find Bob standing there.

Come in he said and grabbed her hand pulling her toward the truck. She was so glad to see him and jumped in the truck beside him, He drive like a mad mad. She held on to the seat and the truck speeded down the forest road as trees fell behind them.

They cleared the forest and drove into town and as suddenly as it started. The blasting wind stopped!

What the heck was that? She screamed at him,

That was what is called a micro- burst! The last one we had was when I was just a teenager, so I knew instantly what it was!

Well, thank you— again!

Yes I could say - you might just be my personal Super hero and she leans over and gives him a hug. He looks down at her in his arms and quickly places a warm kiss on her strawberry lips. Clinging to each other they watched all the town folk come outside

looking in awe at all the trees surrounding the town laying flat on the ground.

They turned to each face to face sitting in the truck and looked deeply into each other’s eyes and kissed again but this time she put her arms around his neck and their kiss lasted for a long long time.

Sherry jackson
Sherry jackson
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