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Truth About Twin Flames

Accepting truth is not easy

By Julie O'Hara - Author, Poet and Spiritual WarriorPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 5 min read

I am going to say some truths here that a lot of you are not going to like, but I am going to do it anyway… One if you are truly on this journey, and most of you are not, you have no control over it. Thinking you have free will over this journey is an illusion, a manmade construct, the Universe decides when and if this will happen to you. Not you. Separation DOES NOT exist because if you are a true twin flame you will be shown how to access 5D through your higher self and you will always be together, even after death. If you are not together in 3D if means that you BOTH have karma to work through and you need to quit stalking your so-called twin and work on your own crap. Mirroring does not exist. The concept of twin flames has been around since the dawn of time, and only since Elizabeth Clare Prophet in the 1970’s did the concept of mirroring come about. Basically, mirroring only means, fix your crap. Being twin souls is not offered to that many, and according to ancient texts only 144,000 exist on earth at any time. Look at the number is adding up to 9 which means finality. Twin souls are here to deal with finality. In fact, both my twin and I have birthdays that are 9 life plans, both of our birthdates are 9 (18) we are 9 years and 9 months apart in age. We were both born at 9:00 me in the morning, him in the evening. We met on a 9 day. Even his football jersey in high school was an 18. Those are what synchronicities are. Here are some more synchronicities. Our names are similar. HE has the same first name as my ex-husband (my false flame) and the same unusual nickname. His parents have the same exact first names as my ex in laws. My sister married a man with the same last name as him and she has the same first name as his sister. So, we both have sisters with the same exact name. We are both in the same business. We look almost identical except I look like a girl, and he looks like a man, oh boy does he look like a man. We have the exact same eye color (green, but the color is identical). And I have had our chakras and auras checked and our synastric charts indicates that yes, we are. Not just 11:11 and angel numbers which are important also. We have a lot of angel number synchronicities also. The Universe sets this up for a reason. Because you are meant to be together because you have a mission here. And with all of that, I question our validity every day, because that is something else True Flames do, they have let go of their ego enough to know that they are no “special”, and they question everything. Twin flames are ALWAYS very old souls with a very high calling. So, if your “flame” is in jail, is having sex videos with others, is refusing contact, is cheating on you. Please understand this… He/She is not your flame. Someone who does that is not evolved enough spiritually to be a twin flame. And if you can’t accept that TRUTH, you are not ready for this experience and probably never were meant to. And that is okay, you have other things to accomplish, and I’d suggest contacting a good professional who can help you uncover your true soul contract so you can quit wasting your time on an adolescent hope. Twin flame journey is painful and not about lust. If you talk about having “sex” with your flame and wanting to do them all the time. You aren’t with your twin flame. That’s at best karmic. Twin flames NEVER talk about their intimate lives with each other because they view their physical union and holy and sacred. That was a big clue for me when I met my twin was (he’s a writer and so am I) that he wrote so much about the sacredness of love between a man and a woman. As I said earlier, holy texts and writings (many are Buddhist in theory) state over and over and over again that you go through these steps. A. Dark Night of the Soul where you question everything. B. Kundalini Awakening (basically your chakras feels like they are on fire). And you have to 1. Let go of spiritual ego and part of that is accepting that you might NOT be in a flame relationship. 2. Surrender your will basically giving it up to Source and following where Source leads you (which means you are not ABLE TO just walk away). Source brought you together and finally. 3. Having faith that Source knows what is best. Any attempt to control this journey by stalking/chasing is futile and shows you are not ready and probably never were meant to be. Another thing most true twin flames have strong relationships with their higher selves and their spirit guides and will often be channeled information. I put out the question to my spirit guide of how you deal with people who attack you when you try to tell them ancient truths, but they choose to believe what they want to believe. And the message that came back was ‘Ignore them, block them” they are not ready to learn, and they have not given up enough ego to accept knowledge (even if it goes against their feelings). We tend to forget that compared to Source and our Guides, we are like little children throwing temper tantrums. Our guts do NOT always provide correct answers. There are a number of wonderful, guided visualizations on YouTube that can help you connect with your spirit guide, view past lives, etc. For the record, I am channeling St. Paul right now. This is knowledge coming from the other side. If it resonates with you, you were meant to hear it. If you mock it, you aren’t ready to ascend or progress. If this triggers and you lash out at me; so be it. I will simply block you and know you are not ready or willing to do anything but lower the vibration of others around you.

- Julie O'Hara

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