Transgender Day of Remembrance

Hatred, bigotry, and transphobia kills

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today is a day of remembrance of transgender people who have lost their lives. Every year on November 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance is held for that purpose and also, it's because these crimes are not reported and often misgendered by the media. This day was first held on November 20, 1998, following the murder of Rita Hester, a black trans woman. Nearly two dozen transpeople have been murdered so far in 2019 and it's important that they deserve to be protected and free from discrimination. Unfortunately, there aren't many states that have protections for transgender people, which can pose a risk of them being murdered or taking their own lives. Here are some more shocking and disturbing stats about the killings of transgender people worldwide:

  • Between 2008 and now, 3,317 trans and gender-diverse people were murdered globally
  • 85% of them were Native American trans women and trans women of color
  • 30 transpeople have been killed in the United States between October 2018 and September 2019

Using #TDOR and #notnomore on social media is a way to speak up against transphobia and bigotry. Also, try to learn more about some of the people who have died as well as listening to the stories from survivors of anti-transgender violence. As I've mentioned in previous articles, I've explained to those who are saying why there's a Pride Month and LGBT History Month. The reason why these exist and are needed is because too many LGBT people are dying and have been oppressed for so long. Even in death, transgender people still deserve to be respected and that's including respecting and using their preferred pronouns. There's a huge election coming in 2020, so I encourage everyone to support candidates, lawmakers, and politicians who will support and protect transpeople. I've posted on social media that transphobia kills and it's toxic. Also, bigotry is deadly. I've seen so many stories over the last few years about transpeople being fired from their jobs, being misgendered, and just flat out disrespected by President Trump and his administration. So my advice to everyone would be to treat everyone, including transpeople, with compassion, dignity, and respect. Finally, respect and use their preferred pronouns. If you're unsure of what pronouns to use, it's okay to ask. If you haven't read my article about non-binary people and the different pronouns, you can check out the story at the end of this article. By the time you get done reading it, it'll leave you inspired and educated about that topic. Also, I'll include the number for The Trevor Project below this article. Transpeople exist, matter, are inspirational, and important.

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Facts About Non-Binary:

The Trevor Project: 866.488.7386 or

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Mark Wesley Pritchard
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