Toxic Friendship

by Nour Saadouni 9 months ago in friendship

A Friend Who Completely Erased Me out of His Life

Toxic Friendship

So here I am to tell you about a friendship I had. This is my first story on Vocal, so enjoy reading!!

I knew him from school, he was a friend of my friend also from school. So we sometimes saw each other and we greeted each other but we weren‘t that close. One time he got into my class and we got to know each other more. He was a really funny guy and you could talk to him about every topic. So then we got closer and became really good friends but I also started to notice something, he always got angry at me for meeting other friends, he punished me with silence, like he doesn‘t talk to me for weeks. So I was always the one to go up to him and ask what‘s wrong. He started doing that regularly. It‘s always my fault and not his if we have a “fight” and like it’s not even a fight if I am close to people whom he doesn’t like or got in a fight with. And I am also always the one who has to ask for forgiveness. Why should I apologize for something that is not even worth an apology? I always felt so bad and cried all the time when he ignored me or just straight said that he hates me for the things I have done to him, what bad things though??

It took me a few years to realized that this is not a friendship, if someone does these things to you, to let you feel this bad then this is not a healthy friendship.

Then last year, we also had one of these fights again, he was for a few weeks sick and because I didn’t ask for him he was angry at me and didn’t talk to me, of course. New Year came up and I texted him like Happy New Year, wish you a great year, hope you stay well, and so on. He saw my message and didn't reply. Then school started again, I haven’t seen him since like two weeks and we also haven't spoken since then. Then I saw him on the way to the school I decided to call him, so we can go to school together. I saw him looking on to his phone and then he hung up on me, I called again and he hung up on me again. I felt sad and angry, what have I done to get treated like this. I also wanted to talk to him but he changed his seat and he also always goes away when I am near him. I gave up and realized it really isn’t worth it to try running after him if he doesn’t want to make up and be friends again. I also didn’t want this friendship anymore because I mostly suffered and was sad all the time. He also always told lies about me and talked behind my back, he said to my best friend that I haven’t said anything to him on New Year’s, which I did and what a bad bitch I am.

I started to move on and started to didn’t care, it is sad but I am also relieved that this “friendship” had ended.

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