To the Boy Who Loves Her Next

by Jayden B 9 months ago in love

A Letter to You, About Her

To the Boy Who Loves Her Next

Thank you for choosing her. You must be one hell of a guy for her to choose you. I must admit, she’s almost unattainable, so for you to get her, you must be doing something very right.

Here’s the three things you must know about her:

She admires you. She really does. She will get to know every part of you and embraces all of it. She will show you off to everyone and feel no sort of way about it. Because of her admiration, you start to believe in yourself and grow as a person. Yet, she does this unknowingly. There’s a subtly to her actions that allows you to realise this. For example, the little compliments about the way you dress or the way you love your family. These comments go a long way and just know she means every word. This admiration also extends for the people you choose to surround yourself with. She admires them too, because after all, they are all a reflection of you. So, by now, you may be thinking what you ought to do with all this admiration. You reciprocate it. She never expects it, but you should. Not because you have to, but because you want to, otherwise there would be no point in being with her.

She’s still mending. She still has demons she faces irregularly. Do not even attempt to tell her to move on or to try and be happy. She hates that. So, just listen and be there for her because that’s all she ever really wants from you. Acknowledge that it will not be an easy road or that it will take a number of days to feel better because it simply won’t. Everybody’s mending process is different. Also, note that just by you being there makes her feel much better. At the end of the day, she choose you, which means you’ve become her fundamental sources of strength, comfort, and love. You don’t always have to know what to say, because she understands that you will not have all the answers to her problems. But, when she does ask for her space, give it to her, and do not question why. Yes, she knows you are still there for her, but sometimes people just want to be on her own. Check up on her from time to time however and send her a few funny pictures to cheer her up. A laugh goes a long way—especially with her.

She’s extraordinary. She’s a girl you will not meet twice. She has an aura about her that cannot be witnessed in any other person but herself. It is the way she carries herself through day to day life. She leaves you in awe, and this can be done by just looking at her, when she’s not even saying a word. Her words can make or break you. She can bring out emotions you have never even felt before, let alone even address. Her presence is missed. She takes you on a journey, one you never want to end. Once you see all of this, you will never want to let her go.

For me, she was the girlfriend that makes you finally comprehend loss. I never fully get over her. I’m grateful that our two paths crossed and blessed to have had the opportunity to love her. She was one of the best, better still, the best thing to happen to me. I love and loved her to the point where even if we did not end up together, I would always be happy for her—even if that meant I had to witness her move on with somebody else. She means that much to me.

So, I guess all there is left to do is express my utmost gratitude to you for choosing her to love. I wish you nothing but happiness and countless blessings. She’s worth it.

Yours sincerely,

The boy who loved her before.

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