To my person/bestie

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he's a schmuck but......

To my person/bestie

To my best friend (you know who you are),

Yes you're my best friend. No I don't know why or how that happened. No there's no upgrades or refunds, you're stuck with me. You could do worse. Maybe you could do better, but do you really want to try? Yes, it's really been 4 years since we met.

Now that we have that settled here's what I want to say but maybe don't ever have the courage. I honestly don't know where I'd be with out you. You're the biggest pain in my ass sometimes but you are the one person I don't want to lose. You're one person who doesn't judge me and understands what I'm going through. You've been through similar stuff, so you kind of get it. I know you hate me being mushy or saying stuff like "what would I do without you?" unless it's a joke. I know that you would prefer for me to not be sappy and tell you that you're like a brother. I know that you're not really in emotions or sap but oh well.

I'm so proud of the guy you've become. You still have things to work on, you are far from perfect. You have came so far in the years we've known each other. We have fights and problems but at least we respect each other. We respect each other enough to stand up to each other. We also bust each other's stones but it's fun. We know we can't lie to each other, it will be useless. Plus again we respect each other too much for that.

When we lost our mutual friend we relied on each other and have gotten closer. We both got honest with each other about how we really felt about him. We became what we are because of him. We met because of him and we got close because of his death.

When something goes right I contact you, something goes wrong I contact you. You're the person I tell most things to if not everything. You know me better than anybody else. I tell you stuff I can't tell anyone else. We're friends forever because you know too much.

I know we have helped each other talked through stuff. We know each other well enough to know what the other one needs to hear. Sometimes we get it wrong and say things we shouldn't but there's a learning curve with us. Most of the time we apologize (at least one of us does).

I remember when I first saw and met you. I was dating your roommate. I had spent the night for the first time. I came out of the room and I saw you on the couch and I went back into the room freaked out. I don't think you saw me. I gathered myself and went back out there. When you sensed or heard me and turned to look at me. We began to get to know each other.

We learned very quickly that we are very similar in views and personality. We're snarky, sarcastic, kind of mean and smart ass individuals. We may cross the line sometimes but we are learning and trying. The good thing we try not to get hurt we just let the other one know it's off limits.

We are far from perfect but I would not trade you for the world. You are there without judgement, but maybe with a snarky sarcastic comment. I love you so much and I know you hate that but it's true. Here's to another 10 years of this goofy friendship.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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